11 Important Things About Dirt Bike Boots No One Tells You in 2024

Motorcycle boots play an important role in protection as ankle and feet injuries are quite prevalent in motocross racing. A good pair of motorcycle riding boots provide impact protection, comfort, flexibility, traction, and the latest style.

If you’re confused about purchasing quality boots, this article is for you. Pay special attention to the following criteria to check before purchasing your next pair of motorcycle boots.

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Factors To Look Before Buying Boots

Type of Riding


Firstly, it doesn’t make sense to ride with “just any pair” of boots. You need to decide what type of ride it will be, and the boot type required. For off-road riding and motocross events, go with professional-grade boots from MXStore. They are durable and sturdy. However, this doesn’t end here. You need to further ask yourself the below questions:

  • How do I usually ride? (cautiously or aggressively)
  • What are my preferences in the looks of the bike?
  • Which terrains will I be racing on?
  • What is my Foot Size?
  • What boot material to go for?
  • Which design will complement my bike?
  • Will the boots provide enough comfort and safety?


Good quality motocross boots or ATV boots can vary from approximately $200 to $700 per pair. Admittedly motocross gear is not cheap. However, determine your budget in advance and don’t compromise on protection.


Look for motocross boots or ATV boots which have ample protection for your toes, shins & ankles. Almost all motocross boots come with a hard plastic cover to protect these areas. They may also have a steel plate or hard plastic that curves up over the front of the boot to protect your toes.

These guards will save your feet and lower legs from impacts with objects and contact with other bikes. I personally recommend a pivot/hinge/dual flex design which provides lateral support to prevent ankle injuries while allowing natural fore/aft movement during racing.

Toe Box/Shifting


Evaluate not only how much room the motorcycle boots leave for your toes but evaluate shifting and how sensitive the feel is. Typically, you will want a slim toe-box with a very positive, accurate shifting feel. Too much rigidity of the exterior often makes it difficult to determine when your foot is in contact with the shifter. This is a personal evaluation which can vary drastically from one motocross boot to another.


Most high-end, full-sized motorcycle riding boots weigh between 4 to 5 pounds. While not the most important consideration, obviously the lighter, the better.


Not all manufacturers sizing feels the same, and inner boots often make for a tight fit. Make sure to try on the pair of dirt bike boots with intended riding socks before selecting the boots.

Buckle Construction


Observe the buckle length, closure, and construction. Do the buckles line up well and can be used easily? Do they offer room for knee braces or large legs? Are they long-lasting? Sometimes it isn’t easy to make this determination in the showroom.

But you can always search for your queries online. The internet has all the answers. You can also talk to other riders who use the same kind of boots for riding. Meet a few and ask them about the boots’ durability and resistance to crashes. Use your findings to make an informed buying decision.

Break-In Period

Many high-quality motocross boots have a relatively short break-in time and are comfortable after the first moto. However, some dirt bike boots are very stiff and take a full day of riding and walking through the pits until they are broken-in.

Sole Construction

Determine if the sole offers good traction. It appears durable and would offer a supportive base in the event of a hard landing. Also, determine if the dirt bike boot has a replaceable sole bed. Many manufacturers have this feature which allows you to replace the sole once the section in front of the heel wears from contact with the foot-pegs. A new boot is unnecessary as you can remove the worn section and screw and glue the new one in.

Bike Interface


Look for any issues in how the motocross boots fit against the frame or any part of the motorcycle boots that could catch a radiator shroud or protrusion. Evaluate the feel of using the motorcycle riding boots as it interfaces with the bikes rear brake, pegs and shifter.

Leather Uppers

Leather is the most preferred material to construct boots. This is because they are lightweight and offer the best protection against crashes. The medial (inner) side of the leather boots come with heat protection from the hotness of the bike’s engine. This will help you to gain a better grip on your bike.

Ensuring Longevity Of Your Dirt Bike Boots

Many bikers live under the wrong misconception that dirt bike boots can last long with minimal maintenance. This is not true. In fact, they wear out easily if not washed timely. So, make sure you clean them in hot water and dry properly after a rough race. Don’t let them stay wet for long, as it can damage the boot’s integrity. Also, excessive water will loosen your boots, making them good for nothing and you will then have no option, but to buy a new pair.

You can avoid this by taking care of cleaning your boots after every ride.

Women’s Dirt Bike Boots


Women’s feet are different from men. They are thinner & smaller. That is why they need to be designed and constructed separately. Several manufacturers construct women-specific boots. Moreover, various men’s designs also fit snugly in women’s feet.

Women’s boots come with an elongated gator to fit their calves while still shorter in size compared to men’s boots. If you’re a woman looking to purchase dirt bike boots, you may not find many options to choose from. So, it’s advisable to browse from the men’s boot ranges as well. However, if you’re specific about more feminine colours, you may have to go with the custom design.


Dirt Bike or Motocross boots are special boots that include protection against crashes and the engine’s hotness. Take cues from this article and get yourself a pair of boots that will provide safety and comfort simultaneously.

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