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Digital Wedding Invitations VS Paper – Are E-vites The Future?

Wedding invitations are usually a paper invitation that tells guests when the wedding occurs, who is getting married and more relevant information. Future brides would have to go-to wedding planners or designers to make physical products to send out. But in the new digital age, there are many options to choose from now.

One of these are digital e-vites. Instead of having physical copies, couples instead can send them through email or other online services. People are mixed on this new development. Which type of invitation is better? Both types have pros and cons. Here are some for each from BrideandGroomDirect


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E-vites are not considered as formal as paper invitations. Traditionalists and etiquette experts believe that printed wedding invitations are the custom. Some people might be turned off when they receive an online RSVP. Others, however, might appreciate the unique invitation.

It will be much easier if you are going online as opposed to having to mail back the invitation with their answer. It seems like it depends on what type of wedding you want to have. If it is more formal, then a printed invitation is the best choice. If it is more laid back, then e-vites are fine.

A large problem with e-vites is that there is no guaranteed delivery. You have to deal with spam filters and changed email addresses. Your invitations might never get looked at or sent to the person in the first place. And if you are sending invites to older people, they may not even have a computer or phone to look at it. You have to be careful when sending and be ready with an alternative if something goes wrong.

E-vites are easier than printed invitations. You can create e-vites much faster than designing and printing out multiple copies. Plus, if you are behind in wedding planning and the wedding is coming up fast, then printed invites are not a good option. It would take too much time to send them out individually and wait for a response.

E-vites are sent immediately and can be responded to just as fast. Along with being faster, e-vites are cheaper. They cost significantly less than their physical counterparts. You can also find websites that offer free electronic invitations. When it comes to a budget, invitations usually don’t have a large amount of money being delegated to them. Therefore, e-vites are a good idea if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend.

 Paper Invitations

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Paper invitations can take a lot of time and effort. They also cost quite a lot more than e-vites. By making a custom invitation, you have to think about the paper choice, color, weight and inserts. This can shoot up the price of the invitations. And you may not have enough time to properly deal with all the details.

This can lead to a subpar invitation. Another problem is that the shipping cost and turn-around time when ordering invitations may take up more of your time and money. If you are operating on a lower budget, then it might be easier to use e-vites.

A good way to counter the high price is to look in superstores. Couples can find printed invitations pre-designed and done in those stores. They are usually a reasonable price, so they do not have to worry about overspending.

You can also buy boxed invitation sets. And if you are worried about these invitations being too generic, you can add your own flourish to it. Try adding some ribbon details to make the invitations unique for your wedding.

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