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Main Differences between Online and Traditional Fax Machines

Some people will say the business world is a place without emotions. However, that is not quite correct. Many people get used to certain items, activities, or business operations. Because of that, they feel bad when they need to change them. Unfortunately, not applying modern technology to your business is not going to be the right move. Your competitors will always be a step ahead of you if they are willing to adapt to the newest changes.

In this article, we are not going to talk about blogs, SEO, social media, VR, etc. We would like to talk about faxing. It is not a secret that many business owners are emotionally connected with traditional ones. They were a popular communication tool for decades. However, when you look closer, the better alternatives in today’s world exist. That alternative comes in the form of online fax machines.

Online faxing is a popular method of communication in today’s world. Using online fax services is relatively cheap. The good news is that you can find many different types of online fax services. Yet, it would be unfair to say they are all equally good. That is the reason why you should research which options you exactly have. More precisely, it would be good to hear what experts like Neil Patel have to say about that. In that way, you can be sure you are making the right decision.

However, before you do that, you should know the main differences between online and traditional fax machines. Just like we said, some people are not ready to adapt to modern technology. They underestimate its importance for their business progress and success. We will compare these two types of machines together and help you determine which one will meet your requirements.

Speed Comparison

You know that everything in the business world is quick. In some cases, you won’t enough time to think about some major decisions. Imagine how tough it can be to send 30 faxes at once. If you use the traditional fax machine, doing that will make you much more time. On the other hand, fax services will allow you to send all those faxes at once. That will help you save your precious time and use it to complete some other more essential tasks.

Cost Comparison

We do not even have to say how essential for your business is to make investments regularly. Making smart investments is the only way to become a more competitive business. However, that doesn’t mean you should not look for good alternatives that can potentially take you less money. When we talk about faxing, that is one of the essential differences.

Traditional fax machines bring some additional costs. For instance, you will need to spend money on paper, toner, ink, and other stuff. Despite that, you need to understand that these machines won’t work forever. At least, you can be sure they will start losing their quality sooner or later. That is the reason why you will probably have different maintenance costs.

When we talk about online fax services, that problem does not exist. The only thing you need to do is to subscribe to a service for an affordable price. Fortunately, the services of this type are usually affordable for everyone. That can be essential for small businesses that can’t afford to spend a lot. They can use their money and invest it in some other relevant things.

Simplicity Comparison

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We do not want to say that traditional machines are hard to use. That especially counts if you have been using them for a while. The entire process will be familiar to you, and you won’t struggle to complete the job. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean online fax services are more complex. We recommend you try out both options and see how easy they are. With a couple of clicks, you will manage to complete the entire job.

Environment-Friendly Comparison

It doesn’t matter which type of traditional machine you plan to use. All of them require a physical copy of each document that you send or receive. Because of that, all the businesses that are/were using them are/were spending a big amount of papers. Logically, after you receive the fax, the only thing you would want is to get rid of those papers. That means that traditional fax machines are not so green.

On the other hand, online fax services do not require a big number of paper documents. The only thing you have to do is to scan the document you want to send. When someone else sends you a document, you will get it on your email or in the online panel. In other words, the entire process is digitalized, and, because of that, it is a more environment-friendly option. Keep in mind that the most successful businesses will always strive to improve the world as much as they can. That may be your chance to do that.

Security Comparison

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Many of the documents that we send or receive are confident because of some reason. Because of that, security needs to be one of the main priorities for you and your employees. When we talk about online faxes, not many people can get access to your email or online panel. That makes all the documents safe.

On the other hand, everyone who is near the traditional fax machine can access the documents. Despite that, imagine that you plan to send a confidential document to a business partner or client. You can’t be sure how many people will see it. That is the reason why online fax services are a safer option.

Final Thought

After reading all the differences between online and traditional fax machines, you can conclude which one will be better for you. As we said, online fax services bring many benefits to every company. However, the decision is yours. Some people believe that using online fax services would be unnecessary for their business. The best possible thing would be to try out both options. That is the only way to discover which one meets your requirements and expectations.

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