The Difference Between Buying and Leasing a New Car

When deciding to buy a new car, many people find it challenging to disclose whether is the better option for them to get the car on leasing or buy. When we talk about buying a new car, besides cash, we often think of taking a loan. Loan considers borrowing money from a lender, bank, credit union, or other financial service and repaying the loan in monthly installments.

Both options can be favorable in particular circumstances, therefore, for helping you make the most beneficial decision,¬†online title loans Texas¬†experts has dedicated today’s post to revealing the differences between leasing and buying and the pros and cons of both methods.

The difference between buying and leasing


When we talk about buying a new car, besides cash, we often think of taking a loan. Loan considers borrowing money from a lender, bank, credit union, or other financial service and repaying the loan in monthly installments. Buying a car gives you an outright car and ownership.

On the other hand, car leasing considers a lower monthly payment, but you actually don`t possess the car and you are practically renting a vehicle. This basically means that with your monthly leasing payments, you will be able to drive a car for a certain amount of time. This time usually considers a period of 24 to 36 months, but it can be longer. These leasing circumstances also deliver several restrictions.

Pros of buying a car

  • When buying a car you own the car and the right to it. The ownership of the car gives you full control over the mileage, idea of costs, and all other things that refer to your car. Buying a car provides you ownership so you can drive and keep your car as long as you want, and the right to sell the car if you prefer. Therefore, when buying a car, the major advantage is that you will have no restrictions regarding car usage, and you can decide on car repairs, services, and other features all by your will.
  • This control over the car refers to any modifications and adjustments you want to undertake over your car, and after you repay the car loan you can sell it or give it if you want. Unlike leasing a car where you are forbidden to alienate the vehicle or to make changes regarding the car’s performance or look.

Cons of buying a car

  • Probably the major disadvantage of buying a car compared to car leasing is the higher monthly payment.
  • Another con is that new cars averagely lose between 15% and 25% on their value in their first five years of ownership. This can be a big disadvantage if you consider buying a new car as an investment, however, if you intend to keep the car for only a couple of yeast these estimations are not as much significant.
  • When buying and owning a car you must consider their driving costs. In case you have bought a car these costs can be significant as they include insurance, fuel, and maintenance.

Pros of getting a car on leasing

  • Leasing a new car considers lower monthly installments compared to a car loan. This allows people to buy a more expensive and luxurious car that otherwise they won’t be able to afford.
  • Leasing a car allows a person to get another car once the lease is up. These circumstances can be very attractive for people who like to have a new car every few years.
  • Unlike when buying a car, car maintenance at leasing method of payment provides warry-free maintenance. This is due to most new cars encompassing a warranty for at least three years. This a convenient occurrence as it covers significant expenses.

Cons of car leasing

  • Leasing interdicts the right of car ownership. This considers several restrictions such as mileage, which limits the person about how far and how much they can drive. Additionally, it might restrict or consider extra fees if a person wishes to make any changes to the car.
  • As car leasing doesn’t involve giving the person ownership over the car, the person that drives a car is not able to sell or trade a car.
  • Thus, if a person gets a new car once the previous lease expires, it involves you in a circle in which you never stop paying pay for the vehicle.
  • The fees that car leasing involves various expenses regarding excess mileage, occurred car modifications, wear, tear, and early termination fees.

Final Thoughts


Deciding on which option suits you comes down to your financial abilities, driving needs, and personal preferences. However, if your intention of getting a car considers a longer period, the more favored and more cost-effective is to buy a car instead of car leasing.

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