Deku Meaning

What is the True Meaning of the Japanese Word Deku?

What is the true meaning of the Japanese word Deku? If you want to find out we must together go back into the traditional Japanese culture and understand how this word came into the modern language. The use of word Deku in the modern language is related to the popular anime phenomenon Boku no Hero Academia, a.k.a. My Hero Academia.

Originally, the word Deku is referred to as a plain wooden doll or puppet, and when we say for someone that is Deku, it means he or she is a useless person. According to the at the moment Deku is related to Legend of Zelda games, and the lead character in this popular anime series, Boku no Hero Academia.

If we take a close look in the Japanese dictionary wi will find two definitions for this word. The first one is a puppet, and the second is a useless, boring person.

Deku word is written with two kanji. Deku dolls were made on the Japan archipelago thousands of years ago, as the clay dogs figure of the Jomon Era. Deku was also made from wood, and those wooden dolls were called kugutsu. This is a type of a doll with no arms and legs, that is why this word is used for an insult, and for useless man, you will say Deku.

Deku Meaning

In a traditional puppet museum in Japan, you can see how old fashioned Deku looks, from clay and wood.

Modern use of the word Deku

If you are familiar with the Zelda game you probably know for the term of Deku. At the beginning of the game, you will be transformed into one of these magical creatures. Zelda creatures are made from wood, like Deku puppets without arms and legs. In the seven Zelda games, you will have a chance to meet Deku creatures, where they live in harmony because they are not violent. in the game, they even have a school for creatures like them. The main hero in My Hero Academia is called Izuku Midoriya and has a nickname Deku.

I hope this article paper writer helps you to understand the real meaning of the Japanese word Deku, and the nickname of your favorite anime character in the anime series Boku no Hero Academia. If you are a true fan of the Japanese animes this is the series you should not miss. You will enjoy it while meeting the amazing Deku creatures.

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