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9 Things to Know When Decorating a New Home

One of the biggest decisions you will ever make is choosing your first home. Apart from deciding the area, finding the most suitable house, and choosing the furniture, you must also tastefully decorate your living place. It may be an extremely time-consuming, stressful, and exhilarating task to do. However, it is a highly rewarding one too. Here you have some tips and tricks that will help you hide your house’s flaws, make it appealing, and play up its strength.

9 things to know when decorating a new home

1. Prepare a checklist and budget

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Such a time-consuming and challenging task as decorating your new home requires careful budgeting and planning. You need to have a firm plan and generic outlook of what your rooms should be like in your mind. Write down all the items you currently own and make a list of the things you need to buy before moving into your new home. Also, while making a checklist, consider a budget and how much time will be consumed for every room. Remember that changing a home interior can be expensive in the most unexpected way. For that reason, it is better to decorate each room at a time rather than trying to handle the whole house at once.

2. Set the tone at the front door

To make a great first impression of your home, start with decorating your front door. Choose the color that you like and that suits the overall theme of your place. Opt for fun glossy colors. A good idea is to paint the door red. Red is known to be a lucky color in many cultures. For example, weary travelers in early America were often welcomed with a red door symbolizing a safe haven. Yellow and orange are two other hues that are associated with warmth and joy. According to, colors have a rich symbolism, so be sure to choose the right ones for your new home. Another tip is to get rid of an outdated screen door. It is better to use a storm door with full-length glass instead.

3. Know your room dimensions

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It may seem to be too obvious, but the very first thing you should do is find out the dimensions of your place. Nobody wants to go through the challenge of moving a new furniture piece to their place only to find out that it is too large. Items may look smaller in large furniture shops than they actually are, so be sure to measure the dimensions of your rooms beforehand. Besides, do not forget about the doors and hallways – you definitely want to get your new furniture inside.

4. Choose wall colors

Selecting a color scheme for every room is of paramount importance. What is more, it is better that you choose the wall paints at the same time when choosing new furniture for your home. Colors are supposed to go well with the furniture pieces you want to buy and the overall theme of your living place. Give yourself enough time, as there is a wide range of colors to consider and choose from. It is worth sticking to neutral colors like gray and beige, especially when decorating the first floor. Avoid jarring transitions and mind the flow. Walls painted neutral will allow you to be flexible in terms of decorating and to easily switch up your accessories. In case you have several small rooms located close to each other, paint them the same color, and they will feel larger. Many decorators suggest using different shades of one color from room to room to create a slight variation. Colors can help you make your home comfortable and cozy, so make sure you choose a palette you won’t be tired of quickly.

5. Hang art pieces

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Consider decorating your new home as an opportunity to showcase your personality in a fun way. Think of your walls as a blank canvas and hang pieces of art that will make your space feel unique. Remember that there is no better statement item to have than a beautiful painting or fine art print. It will speak to you through the subject, composition, and color. Choose something that delights and inspires you, whether it is a professional black-and-white photograph or some religious art. Stick to what you adore, and you will truly enjoy seeing something new in your space.

6. Lay rugs under the furniture pieces

Follow a basic rule related to furniture grouping: chairs and sofas should have rugs under their legs. This helps define the seating area in your living room. It is extremely important to choose a 9-by-12-foot or 8-by-10-foot rug even for living rooms with small proportions. Remember that everything will look out of scale if you go too small with the rug size.

7. Plan your lighting

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If you ask design experts, they will probably tell you that a major factor of home décor is light. Placing the lighting in the correct spots is not rocket science. Nevertheless, it can change the overall look of your home. Light, especially in your kitchen, is supposed to illuminate each and every space in an effective manner. For that reason, plan lighting in advance, considering all electrical points.

8. Add floral arrangements

Whether on your windowsill, vanity, or nightstand, a dose of greenery is a lovely thing to see in the morning. You will definitely enjoy some flower arrangements, especially in the wintertime. It does not necessarily mean anything extravagant. Even a small bouquet of fresh flowers will make your home décor vibrant.

9. Decorate your home with candles

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Decorative candles will create a cozy, intimate, and inviting atmosphere in your living room. You can display some candles on the side table, coffee table, or mantel. Besides, you may try to use diffusers or other forms of candles to fill your living place with lovely scents.

Follow these tips, add some personality, and don’t be afraid to be creative! Decorating your first home is an experience that you will never forget!

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