4 Reasons To Add a Custom Printed Table Cover To Your Trade Show Table

Everyone’s goal is to attract attention at fairs, exhibitions, and other places where they promote their own business for the purpose of good marketing. However, this is not the easiest thing to achieve if you do not use some additional tools. So before you visit these or similar events, consider using custom printed table covers. You certainly understand what this item is for, but you can’t even imagine how often it is used for promotional purposes.

In addition to having the opportunity to adapt it to your business and achieve a refined look, it will cover all the unevenness and worn surfaces. Of course, there are many more reasons why you should consider a custom printed table cover. To understand how this course contributes to the success of your business, keep reading and learn more about it below.

Why would I use a custom printed table cover?


This is an opportunity to take your business to the next level. You can use the custom table cover in many ways. So, you can add graphics, company name, logo, and anything you want. Feel free to express your creativity and come up with some unique ideas that will contribute to an even better look. The best thing about these tablecloths is that you can also choose between different materials.

This means that you will easily adapt them to your idea or idea that you originally had. It is up to you to choose a style that will guide all your decisions. For example, choose nylon, polyester, or even vinyl. Play with colors, experiment with contrast because you have that freedom. If you care a lot about the environment, there are choices for environmentally friendly business owners and these are just natural materials that you can also choose.

1. Great presentation

Even though you have a well-developed business, you simply have to be noticed at events like this. Then the presentation is everything. So, a good presentation refers to the way you present your product. In that case, the advertisement describes your business and that is why it is important to do your best about it. You don’t want potential customers to get a bad impression or remain indifferent to you. Instead, help them understand what they can get from you, and a custom table cover will help people get the best idea of ​​what you have to offer. In this way, they will get acquainted with the product and thus understand it better.

Standard tablecloths are unattractive, blend in with a bunch of the same or similar, and simply go unnoticed. They also contribute to the inconspicuous appearance and that is one of the important differences between it and the oral table cover.

2. Brand awareness


Since this table cover is quite a versatile product, it is the best way to reach different people. It is an opportunity to present your brand in the best way. And you will do that by highlighting your logo on some fine material of your choice. Of course, it is very important that the logo is on the front of the table so that everyone notices it. However, you can choose any graphics. All of this will allow your company to stand out among other companies that are present at the same event. So, you will help those present to identify your corporate image and make your company look even more respectable.

This way, your customers will remember your company name, logo or slogan. And that long after the event was over. So try to come up with something that people will really remember, and after you do that, transfer the idea to a custom printed table cover. Simply consider the product needs of potential customers who are there. It is an image that you should create and offer them through promotional materials such as this table cover. Keep in mind that colors play a significant role in the presentation, so use them wisely.

3. Easy to maintain

Custom printed table covers are first and foremost very easy to maintain and this is another advantage over classic tablecloths. Classic tablecloths can get damaged easily, and heavier ones can hardly be removed. If you spilled any liquid on it, it would get soaked and very difficult to dry. After all that it needs to be washed, but unfortunately, some stains can never be removed. Either way, with a custom printed table cover you won’t have these problems. For example, vinyl is just made for situations like this. That is why it is often used at fairs and similar events because it is a lot of people in one place and spills can easily occur.

In such a situation, it is enough to simply clean it with a cloth or handkerchief. We will agree that this approach is much more appreciative. It is also great for handling because after the fair is over, you only need to fold it. On the other hand, the classic table cover is rolled up and placed in a carrying bag. Custom printed table cover takes up very little space and is ready to be reused very quickly, which makes it a much better option.

4. Low prices


In addition to being ideal for versatile use and appreciative of maintenance, they are also very affordable. So, you can find them at very low prices while they will last you a really long time. This makes them a great investment with very little investment. When it comes to the amount of money you’ll spend on custom printed table covers, you can’t compare them to other advertising strategies. They can also be designed by your requirements. We contacted StrikeNow and they told us you can fitted, stretch, or any other type you want.


While the table cover may not seem like a big deal, it is actually a very wise step you can take. It will make your exhibition space incredibly attractive because your table with it will look much more attractive compared to the others. It’s an opportunity to make it more polished and professional. However, the most important thing is that with this you will be able to stand out from the crowd and thus be noticed among the competition.

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