6 Biggest Crypto Influencers On Twitter In 2024

We are in the midst of a pandemic, we need to take care of our own health and that is why more and more people spend most of their time at home. It is simply safer and more relaxed there, which is why they decide to go home with their loved ones where their comfort zone is. Spending time at home can often be boring, and this happens because many people have not planned their time and have not filled it with a certain activity that will be able to fill the time they spend home. . There are many activities, hobbies, and projects that can be worked on, so you need to fill your time to be more interesting.

When it comes to projects and activities, it is good to emphasize that many people are already involved in a project or activity and it is good to plan and organize their time in that direction. Some of these projects and activities are related to the workplace and the job position so it is good to commit if you have the desire and strength to do something extra from the comfort of your home. Other people have their own private projects to which they are fully and completely committed. These are the projects that are most often related to investing, so here is the perfect time to commit to them. Most of these projects are focused on cryptocurrencies and the virtual currency industry, which means that you need to plan your time in a way that will help you with this type of investment.

Cryptocurrencies are something that has really boomed in terms of investment and trading. They are a hot topic everywhere and many people turn their attention to these digital currencies. If you’re part of the world of cryptocurrencies, it’s a good idea to dedicate your time to related activities, such as news tracking, or even better to start tracking some of the biggest and best cryptocurrencies that constantly talking about this topic. You can find special readings and announcements about these digital currencies on Twitter where a huge number of influencers from this industry post information and their expert views on the situation with cryptocurrencies. To guide you better, we have prepared something interesting for you today. Today we bring you the top 6 crypto influencers that can give you some knowledge, analytical data, and expert views on digital currencies. Let’s see who they are.

1. Vitalik Buterin


You wonder who is one of the leaders of the influential Twitter community who constantly gives fresh information about the crypto world and his correct view to which many investors turn? This is exactly Vitalik Buterin, the famous inventor of Ethereum who invested a lot of time and resources in this cryptocurrency and its development. On his profile, you can regularly find analyzes, polls, views, but also suggestions for platforms and software that can help you for which you can read more and make the right decision. Follow his profile and always get fresh and interesting information.

2. Roger Ver


Bitcoin Jesus is often mentioned on the Internet as a term, but none of you know who it is. It is about Roger Ver, which the general public and investors in cryptocurrencies have called him because he is considered the god of Bitcoin. Why? He was one of the first investors to be encouraged to invest in Bitcoin and commit to the crypto industry. That’s why you need to follow him. He always has the right thoughts and great analysis that he conveys to his followers, which would surely help you a lot in investing and trading with digital currencies.

3. Brian Armstrong


You wonder who is one of the most listened to and followed crypto people in the world that many investors trust? It’s Brian Armstrong, a well-known trust in the industry, and the CEO and co-founder of Coinbase. It is because of this information that many people follow his Twitter account. His Twitter account is a symbol of timely and accurate information regarding cryptocurrencies at all times, but it is also considered a profile that always gives some interesting advice or direction for anyone who wants to be successful in trading and investing. Do you want to be successful too? Then follow him!

4. Barry Silbert


Follows one of the biggest beasts in the world of cryptocurrencies who is also one of the most influential people on Twitter or as we called them crypto Twitter users. It is about Barry Silbert who is one of the biggest investors who in 2013 invested an abnormally large amount in cryptocurrencies. Today, in addition to managing a large amount of crypto, he also gives a lot of advice, gives his views, forecasts, analysis, and makes analytics that helps all investors, but also helps himself. He is the right person when it comes to crypto investing!

5. Andreas Antonopoulos


Follows someone who has his own podcast which is very popular, has published a great book dedicated to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and someone who is really in love with the world of digital currencies. It is Andreas Antonopoulos, a great analyst and connoisseur of the crypto world who is known on Twitter for his posts that are always followed by a large number of investors in the crypto world. Andreas Antonopoulos would say that he does not have too much knowledge, but we would say that he is a great professional who has a lot to tell you and share with you on Twitter.

6. Elon Musk


Finally we have the CEO of Tesla, the most famous investor, innovator, and as some people would say – a man for everything. Why man for everything? You have the answer here, just by being on this list. Yes, Elon Musk is even an investor in cryptocurrencies and one of the most followed Twitter accounts, especially by those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies. He often has his own great analysis and his own great views which then prove to be correct, and that is why many people follow him. Do you want correct and sometimes cruelly true views? Follow Musk, the god of cryptanalysis and cryptocurrency.

By following one of these profiles or all the profiles of these famous cryptocurrency analysts you can gain a lot of new knowledge and guidance when it comes to the cryptocurrency. So press the Follow button and enjoy their contents.

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