3 Creative Metal Art Projects That You Can Create Out of Metal Scraps in 2024

If you’re a welder or a metal fabrication expert, in particular, you know that your job description is not only limited to working on industrial projects and attending to all your customers’ business needs. Sometimes your creative side puts ideas into your mind like taking home extra pieces of various types of metal such as aluminum, steel, and iron to turn these neglected scraps into a beautiful and breathtaking piece of art.

At CreativeMetalMd, a group of professional welders knows how important it is to balance work and passion. They love adding life to their normal routine by collecting scraps and welding them to build creative metal art pieces that they like to display in their workplace and even at home.

It’s inevitable to have excess materials after doing a certain project in companies that offer metal fabrication services. Most of the time, the shop and even the client themselves don’t ask for the remaining and spare materials and chances are, they only end up getting returned to be processed in the supply cycle. If that is the case, why not collect them so you can build a piece that can decorate the old, boring area of your home and workspace?

One good thing about working in the metal manufacturing industry is your expertise in the field. You, yourself, can do the legwork of transforming disregarded scrape materials into breathtaking pieces that will leave your guests, visitors, and most importantly, your customers in awe. And when you get lost while you’re welding, you have your colleagues who can help and guide you as you navigate your way in doing the metalwork.

You probably have a million questions in your mind about this process. However, the ultimate question that you’ll ask yourself is this: What can you do with the excess materials? If you need an answer to that, worry not! Below are some project ideas for your DIY custom metal art piece.

What are the types of projects that I can do with all the materials?

If you have no clue what to do, there are tons of artistic projects that can be done with the excess metal and other materials that you’ll be collecting in the workplace. What’s good about doing this is that you have the liberty to create something that would complement the spaces of your house or workplace and make modifications in the said project if you wish to do so in the next couple of years. Whether you want to make little accents in your garden and patio, metal signages for the crucial parts of the house or office, or a fully functional chair for your living room, you will never run out of methods and options in converting these cast-off pieces to an incredible piece of art.

1. Metal Scrapes Used as Home Furnishings


If you’re thinking of buying a single seat, a couple of chairs, a long metal table for your dining table, or simply a handmade display figure on top of your bedside table, why not make this your next project? Seriously, you need to start considering DIY metal furnishings for your home. Instead of wasting a couple of hours searching for retailers who sell pieces that perfectly fit the aesthetic and ambiance of the room where you’re placing it, you can watch tutorials on YouTube on how to piece them together and ask for professional advice if you’re feeling lost in the middle of the construction process. The biggest advantage of doing this is that they are affordable (you only need to buy the things that you lack to put the metal scrapes together) and they last for a long time (even decades if the construction is foolproof).

2. Metal Scrapes for a Beautiful and Versatile Wall Art


One of the most popular options for metal artwork pieces is artistic decors and accents in the home walls. Whether you decide on putting metal scraps together like a mosaic with inspiring quotes, creating silhouettes of various landscapes, or DIY animal figures, you can build any of these artworks with the help of excess metals. If you’re still undecided, the option to consult with a professional team is still on the table to help you get a clear picture of what you want while making sure it fits where you’re planning to put it. They can give you suggestions as to what might be suitable based on their experience in the industry. On top of that, some companies even allow you to be as hands-on as you want while making the entire project.

3. Excess Metals as Outdoor Decors and Ornaments


Another option for DIY metal artwork is to build pieces that you can put in the garden or in the yard. These decorative projects are suitable in either personal (home) and professional (office) space. The yard, garden, and porch are some avenues where metal scraps, extra nails, and the hammer can work wonders and turn themselves into a valuable addition to the said spaces. For these areas, you can simply put a garden gnome or a typical bird feeder and be happy with it but nothing beats having unique and eye-catching metalwork that will leave anyone who’ll pass by your property in awe. Some outdoor project ideas may include metal hanging pots for your plants, a simple birdcage for your parrot, or a stair-shaped bench for all the things that you want to showcase in your back and front yard.

With all these things mentioned above, put in mind that aside from having useful and attractive metal artwork pieces at home, collecting and recycling metals positively affects the environment. Did you know that by using recycled metal, you help reduce air pollution by 86%? Aside from that, recycling metal scraps can also reduce water consumption by 40% and water pollution by 76%.

So, are you ready to start your own DIY creative metal art project? Build a plan today and get that construction process started.

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