Creating Shapes in Your Garden Space

Adding a sense of geometry and using curvilinear shapes when creating your outdoor space is an interesting, trendy way to make more out of your garden. We are all familiar with the idea of a neat, straight traditional lawn, but these may not be the best way to optimize your space.

Circular arcs can help to make a more limited space look far larger. In this article, we will outline how adding more curves to your garden is the way forward. Let’s have a look.

Circular Shapes

We are all subconsciously influenced by different shapes and colors. Psychologically, rounded, curved edges tend to look more friendly and inviting than straight, parallel lines. It may seem silly, but you will be surprised by how even small, seemingly incidental changes to your space can help improve both your own mood and the visual appeal of your garden.

Arguably, a garden border with a more rounded edge will appear more aesthetically interesting than one with simple straight edges. Both timber and composite decking can be easily cut to a more curved shape. If you don’t want the added hassle of crafting a curved edge for your garden, you can simply blend the borders of your lawn by using circular potted planters.


Different Border Textures

A circular lawn can help your garden feel wider, but consideration must be made as to what material you can edge your lawn space with. There are many options available, including just leaving the soil for further planting themes. Alternatively, you can create an interesting rockery, using stones or old bricks to give the impression of a more rustic texture.

One of the benefits of using curvilinear shapes in your garden is that it creates a more natural sense of flow to your space. An interesting design choice is to create pathways that follow the perimeter of these circular shapes. You can use stone patio slabs, bark, or decking for these paths.


Within the world of property and construction, sometimes the simplest design is the most effective. Circular designs are one of the simplest designs you can use. Use a single larger arc to create your garden space. Creating a rounded design is a quick and easy way to make a clear focal point, drawing attention to the areas you want more people to notice when visiting your garden.

Unnecessary clutter can make your garden feel less like a calm, relaxing space. By keeping the design of your garden one overarching circular shape, you can make the most of your garden as a place you can truly unwind in.


Water Features

Water features can appear incredibly effective when constructed using curvilinear shapes. In keeping with the idea of making your garden more peaceful and inviting, running water features or even small ponds can help cultivate a sense of tranquillity and relaxation.

Create a consistent theme by having circular or curved ponds to edge either your lawn space, decking areas, or planting. This way you can make your garden appear larger simply by separating your space into individual “zones.”

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