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How to Create Your Own Weekly Home Cleaning Schedule

We all like our homes to be tidy and orderly, but nobody likes cleaning: it’s a chore that takes a lot of time and effort, so it’s no wonder that so many people dislike doing it. Also, once you start procrastinating to clean your house, you’ll be left with a seemingly never-ending job on your hands…So what can be done about it?

It’s quite simple: you just need a proper plan. Once you do, you’ll never have to deal with a built-up mess ever again! If you’re confident that you won’t have time to clean your home, you can always engage in home cleaning services such as Xpress Cleaning.

So, where do you start devising a cleaning schedule for your home?

That is the question we’re hoping to answer in this article, so keep on reading if you want to find out more!

Determine what needs to be cleaned

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All right, this is an obvious one. Still, you might end up surprising yourself once you start writing it all down. We usually do our cleaning without ever thinking about it. Usually, you’d just look around the house and start cleaning what seems to be the messiest. Unfortunately, this is far from the optimal approach. Cleaning without a plan doesn’t let us prioritize logically, so you might end up postponing the cleaning in the parts of your home that require it the most.

So, write down everything you’d like cleaned inside of your home first. Then, decide on how frequently you want to clean each part. Sort them into groups and make sure to set your priorities straight.

Make sure the chores fit your daily schedule

Okay, cleaning the house can be tiresome and lengthy, so if you’re working prolonged shifts on Mondays, you shouldn’t put too many things on your plate for that day. Think of your other responsibilities and remember to fit the cleaning schedule around them. Your schedule should best fit your needs and time, so it should be thought out properly.

You don’t want to end up with a schedule that’s impossible to stick to. It should be as convenient as possible, so make sure to consider every possible difficulty.

Whatever you do, make sure to create a cleaning schedule that won’t interrupt your other daily activities. Remember, you’re creating this schedule to make things easier for you, not to ruin your daily routine.

Make sure to include cleaning supplies too

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Getting your cleaning supplies from the grocery store is a chore by itself, isn’t it? Well, make sure to make a list of your preferred cleaning supplies and determine the days you’ll restock. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to clean and then realizing you’re out of your favorite cleaning products. These types of situations could make you turn away from your schedule before you had a chance to make cleaning a new habit of yours.

So, do what you can to avoid this! Include the shopping in your schedule, and set a reminder to stop forgetting about it. Of course, if you notice that there’s no need for you to go shopping for cleaning products on the day set by your schedule, you can always make slight changes and reschedule it.

So, whatever you do, don’t forget to always have all the cleaning supplies you need inside of your home when it’s time for some cleaning. Also, make sure to get high-quality cleaning products, and read up on reviews such as those at StuffedAbode.

Assign tasks

If you share your living space with your family or, perhaps, roommates, make sure to include them in the schedule too. You shouldn’t do it all by yourself if there’s someone that can help. Talk to everyone inside of your household, and find the optimal solutions for everyone.

Make sure to consider their preferences and schedules too. Brainstorm together until everyone is satisfied. Whatever you do, try to split the work as much as you can.

If you got kids, try making the chores seem like a fun family activity. Whatever you do, don’t try to do it all yourself, and don’t forget to include every member of your household into the schedule. If you’re the only one with a schedule, chances are you’ll never get the results you need. So, make sure the whole household is in sync with the schedule if you want your house to be kept as clean as possible.

Create a physical version of your schedule and keep it somewhere visible

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Okay, now when you got a plan in your head, it’s time to write it all down. Try doing it as neatly as possible, and, if you have kids, you can ask them to help you decorate it so they’ll at least associate something positive with the schedule.

The crucial thing is that you keep it somewhere where everyone will see it. In that way, you’ll have a constant reminder of the things that need to be cleaned, which can be a great motivational boost. Other than that, the members of your household should be aware of it too.

Test it out!

You’ve successfully created your first home-cleaning schedule, that’s so great! Now, it’s time for the harder part: you’ll have to follow it. It will certainly be a bit hard at the beginning, but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Try to stick to your schedule to the best of your ability, but if you notice that you’ve made a miscalculation and that it simply doesn’t work well, do not hesitate to change it.

While sticking to the plan and self-discipline can be your best friends, if you’re not flexible enough, it could all go to waste.

So, have fun with your schedule, experiment for a bit, and you’ll come up with a solution that makes cleaning your home a breeze!

The take-home message

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Cleaning your home without a proper weekly plan can be a daunting task. On the other hand, creating a cleaning schedule for your home is super easy and effective.

Whatever you do, make sure that the schedule fits your needs and goals, and that it doesn’t disrupt your daily routine in any way, shape, or form.

All in all, a weekly cleaning schedule can save you a lot of time and effort put into doing chores, so make sure to establish one as soon as possible!

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