Top 5 Countries to Taste the Best Chocolate

One of the most favored delicacies in the world is chocolate. The delicious treat is the go-to choice for youngsters as well as adults, to the point that eight million tons of chocolate were consumed globally in 2017.

From farming cocoa beans to combining them with milk and butter to producing various melting techniques, every nation has created its distinct method of making the chocolatey delight. We don’t require a justification to grab a piece of the sweet dessert. A vacation adventure would only be complete with trying the regional chocolate!

The top 5 countries to taste the best chocolate are the following.

1. Belgium


Approximately 2,000 chocolate shops are spread out around Belgium, so you can only visit one by stopping by! Belgian chocolate is distinct because it retains more of its sweet flavor since it is only chilled at the final stage of the manufacturing process.

Additionally, every Belgian chocolate is made by hand. Belgian chocolate does cost slightly extra because of these two elements, but, you know, indulge yourself! If you plan to travel to Belgium, check out to compare the prices of various lodging options.

2. Ecuador


The greatest cacao beans in the world are a necessary first step in creating the finest chocolate. Most of the globe’s premium cacao is produced in Ecuador, a small nation on South America’s west coast. Only approximately 5% of cacao beans produced worldwide are eligible for the “fine fragrance” designation, while Ecuador accounts for around 63% of global cacao production.

It has long exported high-quality cacao to Europe, but lately, it has experienced popularity in making chocolate. Many World Chocolate Awards have been won by Pacari, an internationally recognized company throughout Europe and Ecuador, including “overall winner” in 2013.

3. USA


In the US, the decade of the 1980s saw the onset of a movement in buying habits in favor of companies with more open business processes and fair-trade ingredients. This ultimately resulted in the establishment of numerous fair trade and green certification businesses.

Nevertheless, the handmade chocolate movement is usually acknowledged to have started around 2005. At this time, Taza Chocolate was established, and Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker was liquidated (it has now been acquired by Hershey’s).

4. Italy


The setting comprises a small Italian cafe, a cup of espresso, and some Italian confectionery. Why not adore it? Amadei is the most well-known chocolatier in Italy. They get their cacao directly from farmers, so they know the beans’ origin and growing process.

5. Ivory Coast


Although Ecuador supplies most of the world’s cocoa, Ivory Coast manufactures a few of the highest quality chocolates. Manufacturers of chocolate, including Nestle, Hershey’s, and Cadbury, all purchase Ivorian cacao. In actuality, cocoa exports account for 40% of their national GDP.

The Ivory Coast reportedly began making its chocolate, similar to Ecuador. A single company, especially Instant Chocolate, has achieved national and international popularity, attracting corporate customers like Citibank and Air France.

These are the 5 countries that produce the finest quality milk and dark chocolates. If you think of visiting any of these countries, stop by their shops to buy the best chocolates as souvenirs.

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