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Containment Season 2 Review and Release Date 2024

Containment excited most of its viewers, with its relatable content during the pandemic! The thirteen episodes of the first season in 2016 kept us craving for more. Will Containment season 2 be coming out soon? We will be telling you everything you need to know about this amazing TV Series, in this article.


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The story revolves around Atlanta where a mysterious epidemic has caused mayhem. As the highly contagious, mystery virus kept infecting people at a very fast rate, the government had to put a part of the city into total lockdown.

This interesting series portrays the life of those people inside the Cordon who are struggling to live, while the government and others are trying to maintain law and order while searching for a cure. We get to see how families are torn apart, how people lose their loved ones.

We also see glimpses of a new dawn where people still hoped to survive and live as a society. We can’t help but wish that they beat the virus and come out victorious. What added a twist to the story, was the introduction of a conspiracy that connected the government and the contagion. Overall, the diversity of characters with different stories, both inside and outside the containment zone, make the series thrilling.

Cast and Characters

The series consists of multiple important and intriguing characters, who add suspense and drama to the series. The character of Major Alex Carnahan was played by David Gyasi. Major Alex is a police officer in the Atlanta Police Department and Jana Mayfield’s boyfriend. Her role is played by the acclaimed actress, Christina Moses.

Claudia Black plays the role of Dr. Sabine Lommers. Reporter Leonard ‘Leo’ who searches for the truth in the government conspiracy, is played by Trevor St. John. Alex’s best friend Jake Riley who is inside the containment zone and is another officer of the Atlanta Police Department is played by Chris Wood.
Other key characters inside the containment zones included Katie Frank played by Kristen Gutoskie, Dr. Victor, an infectious diseases specialist, played by George Young, and Hanna Mangan-Lawrence as Teresa Keaton. All these characters with their unique lives weave the whole series together.

When can we expect a new season?

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Containment was released as a limited series with just 13 episodes but the fans went crazy about it and obviously wanted the 2nd season! Unfortunately, in May 2016, it was confirmed that there will be no further season. But hey! Don’t lose hope, we can always stay optimistic and maybe expect a movie, along the same lines!

Final Words

Containment was a huge success for sure and it’s reflected in its IMDb rating of 7.2/10. But, according to CW, it is not a type of show that they would continue with. For now, we just know that it was an amazing series to watch and that is what matters. Be creative, ask yourself various questions about the series and its characters! If you want, you can always head back and watch it all over again!

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