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Self Confidence Equals Success At The Workplace

Confidence can be a determining factor in getting you over the finish line and bring success in your professional career. Self-confidence cannot only get you through an arduous project but many times it rubs-off onto others and makes you shine as a leader in the workplace.

In a recent interview with Mark Sands, CEO of HRMA-LLC, Mr. Sands stated, “Self-Confidence is the main prerequisite to promotion in our organization. We look for leaders who are fearless and go the extra mile, in every endeavor we challenge them with.”

Success in the workplace is something that we all strive to achieve, at all levels and times in our professional life. Whether it is to become quicker, more efficient or more accurate, there is always room for growth in ourselves. Having confidence in yourself can be the key to success. Confidence does come in many forms though and affects you in numerous ways, both positively and negatively. Mastering the proper balance in confidence is the key.

Your level of confidence is being measured by everyone around you on some level. Here are some pointers on building your confidence levels quickly:

Power Of Positive Thinking

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Having a positive outlook can mean all the difference in finding success. Every day countless obstacles get hurled our way. There are always lessons and skills that can be taken from confronting those challenges head-on. Having a positive outlook and thought process when overcoming the challenges can help you overcome them in a more rewarding and enlightening way. Appreciating what you have at the moment also allows you to see things with a clear head and from a neutral perspective. You are not chasing a situation, like you maybe if you have other thoughts and motives on your mind. Appreciate what you have and build up from there.

Get Comfortable In Your Skin

Going hand in hand with having a positive mindset is being comfortable in your own skin. Knowing yourself, who you are and what you bring to the table can be a huge asset in personal growth and development, eventually leading to overall confidence and success. Knowing yourself allows you to utilize the assets and skills you have while working on the ones that may need a little bit of honing. Constant self-assessment and being honest with yourself will help make those strengths and weaknesses clearer to you. Once you zero in on the areas that need building, you can develop a plan to strengthen those areas.

Building Good Habits

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Building strong and positive habits can be a major factor in building a healthy level of confidence. They not only help you appreciate the process that goes into attaining success, but it creates a consistent behavior that should add to your overall performance. Ranging from waking up and consistently making your bed in the morning, to going to the gym each afternoon (even when you had a long day at work). Getting into good habits can only help the overall direction you are trying to go.

Spend An Hour A Day Mastering Your Skills

Once you build good habit practices, sitting down and developing daily and weekly goals to increase your skill levels will give you an added level of confidence in your abilities. As they say, jack of all trades, master of none. Utilizing your time strategically can help you master skills you may not have had previous knowledge in. This can overall help you become a more qualified person and a greater asset, overall increasing the possibilities of success. Building good habits and spending quality time in a pointed manner can make all the difference in personal development.

Approach Every Task Confidently

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With increasing confidence, you will be able to undertake challenges with less apprehension. Building off the previous practices can help in decision making and having a better grasp of the issue at hand. Having confidence in yourself when approaching the unknown does not mean it will be easier for you than anyone else. What it means is that you are willing to undertake the challenge regardless of the hurdles you will inevitably face.

Some of those challenges may actually be ones that you cannot immediately overcome. This is where utilizing your habit of skill-building will come into play. You may not be able to overcome the challenge right now, but you will figure out how to.

Go The Extra Mile To Standout As A Winner

Going the extra mile is a sure way to get noticed. The world is filled with “just the minimum will do”. The real winners are the ones that worked the extra hours, put in the extra blood sweat and tears to achieve their goals, regardless of the odds. Building good habits, maximizing your skills and having the right team around you can all lead to overall success. Making the sacrifice can make all the difference in the end. The Elon Musk’s and Steve Jobs’ of the world did not elevate their respective companies to the level they are by doing the bare minimum. Going the extra mile always separates the winners from the losers.

Practice Humility – Not Arrogance

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No one likes a show-off. A balance of confidence with humility can lead to not only personal growth but the draw people to your abilities and in the end, your cause. There are many times, especially in today’s fast-paced world, that things cannot be completed on a solo basis. This is where a team comes into play. Working with a team requires humility. Primarily because someone else’s ideas may be able to accomplish the goal of the team quicker, more efficiently or in a manner that best accomplishes the goal. Being able to accept not being right all the time and appreciating other’s ideas is a good practice of humility.

Take Credit For Wins & Own Your Losses

True confidence is put to the test you win, but it is specially tested when facing your losses. Losses are part of winning. There should be no clean jerseys at the end of a game. Finding the strength to be confident in wins and losses is the surest way to keep growing and excelling. Showing humility with wins and learning from your losses can be the greatest tool in personal and professional growth. Losing is not fun, it is not supposed to be. Taking a loss and utilizing it to make yourself stronger is the way a confident person deals with loss.

Self-Doubt & Fear Is A Deal Breaker

Self-doubt and fear are the kryptonite to confidence. Questioning or examining thoughts and actions can be a healthy form of personal analysis, but when fear and doubt start to take over, it is time to reassess the situation. Confidence in yourself and your skills are meant to control the fear and doubt that can come from new and unique challenges. Developing a healthy level of confidence and humility can help ensure that the fear does not overwhelm or hinder your progress. Developing good habits and processes to overcome fear is key.

MVP’s Celebrate Victories As A-Team

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Humility is the key ingredient to success in a team. Confidence needs to be put in check when it comes to celebrating victories. In a team setting, it was the effort of numerous people that got everyone across the finish line. This will ideally help grow the confidence of everyone involved in the project’s success. This is where the leaders are separated from the boss’. Leaders are the ones in the trenches supporting and inspiring their team. Giving the confidence needed to accomplish the goals. Just like the means to the end, no one got there alone. Appreciation and acknowledgment are a confident way to celebrate a win.

Helping Others Pay’s Dividends

Being a team player and helping those around you can help pay dividends in the end. Building the confidence of those around you can be a very valuable asset in seeing the strengths and weaknesses in yourself, all while helping strengthen many of the areas. Building the confidence of those around you can help build a strong network to learn from. You are only one person, there is no way for you to become a master of everything. Having a diversely skilled network can only help you.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

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Choosing your friends wisely will allow for personal growth when you aren’t skill-building. It is an inevitable fact that when spending time with people, habits tend to rub off on each other. Having a blend of friends can not only benefit you but those who may be trying to better themselves. A perfect example of this would be having a few friends that are where you would like to be in the next 5-10 years, a few that are at your current status, and a few that are trying to attain the status that you currently have. You learn from those ahead of you and impart the knowledge to those behind you. Paying it forward.

Find A Mentor To Mastermind With

Along with a positive group of friends around you, a mentor to learn from can be a very valuable tool. Not only as a means to gain confidence, but to learn humility. This person will presumably be miles ahead of you in the race of life. Between their experiences and general knowledge, you will be able to pick their brain and learn from someone who has been where you are and faced the challenges you are facing.

Additionally, it will put into perspective how little you actually know. While this can be a bad thing, its a good lesson in understanding there will likely always be someone out there that knows more than you.

Final Thoughts

In closing, confidence is an amazing asset for anyone wishing to succeed. Just like anything else, it can be misused. Finding the balance between confidence and humility can help make you a well-rounded success. Utilizing the steps listed above can help break down the big-picture goal of building confidence into smaller, more manageable steps. With the right level of confidence, knowledge, and practice, there is nothing stopping you from reaching the success you are seeking.

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