5 Tips How to Properly Clean Your Headphones Without Damaging Them

Headphones may become disgusting. There are a number of skin cells, sebum, earwax, and facial accumulations that stick to the areas of your body and are in contact with them. Headphones that are a little sticky absorb extra debris from the surrounding environment any time you take them off. Furthermore, regardless of what the internet suggests, sucking on your AirPods may not be the safest method when it comes to cleaning them. This might cause potential harm to the driver, safety net, as well as the electronics; all of which is simply a bad thing that happens. However, you can find simple ways to correctly clean your own pair of audio gadgets as a favor to yourself as well as prior to renting or lending out your pair.

Not only will make your headphones have a longer life span by keeping them clean, but they will also provide an improved sound in the event of earwax or lint buildup. Keeping this in mind, below you will find a few tips on how to properly clean and maintain your headphones.

1. Take off the tips or earpads of the headphones and clean them


Based on the model or your headphones, you may need to remove the ear pads and extend the headband as necessary to reach every nook and cranny. As soon as you’ve taken off the earpads or tips, buy a toothbrush and brush off the larger dirt and stains to the maximum extent possible. Pay attention to the drivers at this point because you definitely don’t want to end up accidentally brushing the dirt around. Continue afterward, using the tweezers to clear away any hair or dirt which might have stuck.

There are some headphones made with clear tips that cover the bud ends. Therefore, in case your headphones have clear tips, be sure to take them off before you proceed to clean your headphones. Using a soft cloth, gently wipe them with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, then put them away to dry. If you are interested in more details regarding properly cleaning visit

2. Clean the driver unit

The driver unit represents the place that generates the sound and the component of the headphones which are inserted into the ears. Make sure you keep your headphones with the net side down. Use a dry, soft brush, for example, a kid’s toothbrush, to delicately clean the wire mesh from accumulated debris or ear wax. To remove some of the dirt, gently tap the side on which there is no mesh/logo on the headphones. Additionally, take a bent paper clip and some Blu-Tack in order to clean the wire mesh and eliminate the rest of the debris and residual dust. Using Blu-Tack will absorb any undesirable particles and remove any dirt from your mesh.

3. Use hydrogen peroxide on the earplugs


Be sure to remove all visible debris. Use a soft cloth that has been slightly moistened with hydrogen peroxide. Gently wipe down the mesh protectors of the headphones. Always double-check to be sure you have removed any earwax or evident buildup with your soft cloth. Set your headphones aside once you have applied the hydrogen peroxide. For approximately five minutes, leave the hydrogen peroxide to work its way into your headphones. By doing this, the remaining earwax, dirt, and debris will start to dissolve.

4. Carefully clean the charger housing

If you have wireless earbuds like AirPods that are kept in a charging case remember that it is important to clean the case and ports regularly. Note that most wireless earbuds use small pins and metal pads for charging, which can get smeared with earwax and dust. In this case, you may notice that your headphones are not charging normally.

When cleaning the case interior, we suggest that you wipe both the AirPods case and the earbuds using a dry cloth. For cleaning the pins on the interior of the case and the earbud ports, you should use a cotton swab that is moistened with isopropyl alcohol. Likewise, consider using this cleaning process on the charging ports for your over-ear headphones in case they are not being charged at a constant rate.

5. After every step of cleaning let them dry before charging


There are headphones that are resistant to water and sweat, however, do not leave them wet over a longer period of time, as water can gradually enter the battery compartments or the headphones and destroy the drivers. Always make sure to dry True-Wireless earphones before returning them to the charging case. In the event that you need to take the headphones out during a run or cannot wait for them to dry fully prior to leaving the gym, carefully shake out the extra wetness, turn off the device, and then store it in the case provided or in a small, sealable bag.

No matter if you have over the ear or in-ear headphones you need to clean them frequently in order to keep them hygienic. The above is especially important if you use your headphones during workouts, as so many of us do. There may be sweat and the ear cups will have a bad odor. Dirt in the ears can cause drivers to be clogged and can result in reduced volume, plus sound clarity.

In addition, the headphones contain all the dirt you do not see, including bacteria and other microbes that can cause health problems. There try to keep your headphones clean as much as you can. Avoid applying the liquid directly to the headphones and do not allow any internal parts to become wet when wiping them. There has been researching that has proven that headphones increase bacteria in the ears and can be transmitted between people if the headphones are worn mutually. So, even if you don’t happen to ever share yours, keep in mind what your earbuds have been in contact with.

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