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Choosing the Right Commercial Window Treatments

There are several things that business owners, commercial space owners, or decision-makers, can do to create a more comfortable environment for either their employees or customers. Counted among the most important are commercial window treatments.

Throughout this post, I’ll go through the top six practical uses for window treatments in commercial spaces.

If you’re deciding which window treatments are right for your commercial space you must always remember to properly think-out the space you’ll be working in. CS Installers suggest you start by asking these few questions below:

  • What floor of the building is the space located? First floor spaces may consider privacy blinds.
  • Do your windows face the north, east, south or west? This can help decide whether you’ll need UV protection or light dispersal systems
  • Does the room need to be well lit?
  • What type of business is going into this space?
  • How big are the windows?
  • Will you need motorized systems?

Top 6 Uses for Commercial Window Treatments

1. Shade

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of window treatments has to be shade. I mean there’s an entire product named after it, “Shades”. However, there are all kinds of different treatments that don’t provide shade at all and are meant to do other things.

Whether you’d trying to block the sun entirely, or let a little in, a quality window treatment can provide the solution you’re looking for. It’s always advised to seek out a professional designer or architect to discuss the type of treatment that would work best, and how dark you’d like the shade to be. Speaking to someone in advance may cost extra, but could end up saving you some guess-work and some money in the long run.

Benefit: Keeping unwanted blinding light out, while allowing some light in.

2. Privacy

This is the norm for homes and apartments, but privacy can be very important for many other commercial situations as well. The type of window treatment that’s decided upon will greatly impact the level of privacy they’ll provide. Spaces such as ground-level offices and finance centers may even use privacy shades that enable them to see out of the window while simultaneously shielding the eyes of the public outside the windows.

Benefit: Keeping unwanted viewers out while enabling the ability to look out the window.

3. Light Dispersal

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Ever have that annoying beam of light shooting right through a gap in the window shades? The angle is just perfect to get you right in the eyes. Light dispersal window treatments are a perfect solution to this problem and work best for places such as offices, banks or places where people use their computers, tablets or phones often. These types of treatments are designed to disperse light evenly while reducing glares that often occur on bright, sunny days. This makes using anything with a monitor or screen easier on the eyes, while still flooding the space with natural light.

Benefit: Great natural lighting that’s distributed evenly for optimal working environments.

4. Looks

The absence of window treatments causes a building to have the appearance of lacking something- as if it’s not finished yet. Any style of window treatment can make a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of any interior environment. With endless different types of window treatments including colors, shapes, and brands, interior designers have endless possibilities when designing their spaces.

By using different styles, shapes, and colors you can create different atmospheres for each room or space. Some treatments may come off as more business professionals while other treatments will cause a space to have a warm, and inviting sense about it.

Benefit: With endless possibilities involving brands, colors, shapes, and sizes, designing an awesome space is just that, awesome.

5. Energy Efficiency

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Let’s face it, the more energy-efficient we can be, the better the world is for everyone. That being said, commercial offices and large spaces pay monthly premiums on heating bills and lighting. Using the proper window treatments can significantly save money by holding in heat in the winter months and keeping the heat out in the summer months.

According to the Department of Energy, appropriate and mindful management of window treatments can reduce heat gain by up to 77 percent. On the flip side, the same is also said about avoiding heat loss during the winter months.

This is where it is worthwhile consulting a professional about your window treatments- to save energy costs down the road. The right types of treatments along with professional installation can save you or your business money over time.

Benefit: Proper window treatments can significantly reduce your heating and energy bills.

6. UV Protection

There are special windows fabricated out there, that reduce the intake of harmful ultra-violet rays. However, these are the exception, rather than the rule. Typical and most common windows offer no such protection and let through ultra-violet rays.

There are window treatments and coverings that are designed to greatly reduce the incoming UV’s. This is important to preserve the longevity of the furniture, pictures and frames, carpets, wood floors, and anything that is made from fabric.

Benefit: Preserve other fabric-based furniture throughout the space

Trying to find the right window treatments for your commercial space can be a time-consuming and difficult decision for anyone. But, by taking the time and making the right choice you can create a more comfortable and cost-effective space for everyone who’ll be working there.

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