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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Necklace for Your Face

Every woman has a different face. Each accessory you wear on your neck or ears should be chosen in such a way that the best features of your face get highlighted. Knowing yourself and your style is essential because it helps you to choose your accessories in the best way possible, thus boosting your confidence. The facial structure has always been a crucial factor when choosing jewelry. The perfect diamond necklace will never fail to complement or highlight your best features, while the wrong ones might end up dulling your overall look. Here are some tips you could follow to find your perfect diamond necklace:

1. Oval Faces

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People with oval-shaped faces would have an equal distance from the eyebrow to the chin and from the hairline to the eyebrow. That is often considered to be a perfect face shape as they can almost try any jewelry style and wear any neckline.

However, it is best to wear shorter diamond necklaces that do not go below the shoulders. Chokers would also be a great option to emphasize the long neck. When it comes to diamond pendants, rectangular shaped ones are always the right choice.

2. Round Faces

It is easy to identify a round face since they would have a rounded hairline and jaw along with round cheeks and long and wide nose. They would have curved and soft features with the distances being equal all around the face.

The main objective for a round-shaped face is to lengthen the face appearance, which can be done with looping, longer necklaces. The significant focal point of the jewelry would help to make a V that creates a longer line or a tremendous triangular point. Geometric diamond pendants would also help to give an impression of a lengthened face. Round-faced people should avoid princess lengths, collar lengths, and chokers, which might add width to the throat and shorten the neck.

3. Rectangular (or Oblong) faces

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Rectangular or Oblong-shaped faces are broader and longer, with the width of the front at the chin, cheekbones, and the forehead almost being the same. The chosen diamond necklace should shorten the vertical shape of the face.

It is best to try tiny diamond necklaces to reduce the length of the face. Collar lengths, princess lengths, and chokers would be the best choice since they break up the elongated vertical line. Circular diamond necklaces and neck wires without bold or heavy focal components are other great options for the face. Large beads would also help to shorten the face. Circular diamond pendants are preferable.

4. Square Faces

In square-shaped faces, the width of the chin, cheekbones, and forehead are almost the same. The main objective for people with square faces is to soften the angles, creating an impression that the jawline and forehead are narrower.

Square faces need diamond necklaces with curves and lengths to soften the jawline area. Matinee, princess, rope, and opera lengths are ideal since these necklaces would help to lengthen the face by creating a vertical line. The chain should form a “U” for a more extended face appearance and to draw attention below the chin. Long, linear-shaped diamond necklaces would also do the trick.

5. Heart-shaped faces

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Heart-shaped or inverted triangular-shaped faces have a narrow chin and a broad brow. The width at the jaw would be lesser than the width at the cheekbones or the forehead. They would appear to have an inverted triangular face no matter what the features of the face are. People with this face shape should try to rebalance the face by making the impression that the jawline is broader, and the forehead is narrower.

Short diamond necklaces with curves are a great way to diminish the sharp chin and lengthen the jawline. Collar, princess length, and chokers are the best choices since they help to break the vertical line. Diamond necklaces with large beads at the base of the throat or triple-strand chokers would help to balance the broader area of the face and create a sense of fullness at the neck. A short necklace with a bold diamond pendant online would shorten the face, but if you wish to try a longer one, then use an opera-length accessory and circle it once or twice around the neck.

6. Pear-shaped face

Triangular or pear-shaped faces have a wide jawline and narrow brow. These are the opposite of heart-shaped faces with wide jawlines and cheekbones being larger when compared to the forehead. For these face shapes, it is best to try necklaces that rebalance the front, moving the eye away from the jawline and creating an appearance of a wider forehead.

These face shapes require small diamond necklaces with gentle curves that would soften the broad, strong jawline. Matinee and princess lengths are a good option because they help to lengthen the shape of the face. Necklaces forming “V” will also do this trick. Linear diamond pendants would go great with this face shape.

7. Diamond-Shaped face

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This face shape is angular, balanced, and dramatic, being narrow at the forehead and jawline, but most extensive at the cheekbones. People with this face shape could wear any jewelry styles and necklines. However, it is always best to pick ones to accentuate the cheekbones.

Diamond-shaped faces can try almost anything as long as the design suits the individual. Diamond necklaces should be worn complimenting the dress’s neckline as well as the outfit. No matter what you wear, you will look gorgeous. To accentuate the sharp features, you could try modern or angular styles, and to reduce the angles of the diamond-shape, you could go for a diamond princess or collar necklaces with soft curves.

Every woman would want at least one beautiful diamond necklace in her lifetime. These tips will help you pick the perfect one when deciding on diamond jewelry online, allowing you to look gorgeous no matter the occasion. You can also check the diamond necklace at an affordable price. Visit:

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