How to Choose the Best DDoS-Protected VPS Hosting in the USA?

If you are a newbie in web support, design, servers, and data protection, the abbreviations in the title can be pretty confusing, and you need to learn what they mean before you decide which ones you really need for your website. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service that hackers use to attack the web services, so it can’t communicate with the servers, and neither with the audience. That’s why these activities are recognized as DDoS attacks, and their goal is to disconnect the particular web address from their location on the server. It sends a lot of access requests so it can confuse the server with malicious traffic, and it either crashes or loads too slowly. Sometimes the providers can restore the last saved version easily, but sometimes damages are done forever. Their usual target is high-traffic websites, but also those who have payment options included, making it hard for the regular audience to access the web location.

And when it comes to VPS, we can say that it’s one of the best hosting solutions for those who already have a website that works nicely, and need advanced technical features to maintain it. But, if you have a blog or a micro-website, you won’t need that, and at the beginning, you can use shared hosting plans.

For those who need advanced solutions for this problem, it’s always better to use DDoS-protected VPS Hosting, like routerhosting, that is available for both Windows and Linux. It will help you protect your website from DDoS attacks, using advanced technology, but also providing a customer support team to help you when you need them.

How to pick the best DDoS protection?


First, you have to search for what you are looking for, and then filter the relevant providers, so you can compare them. You can make an Excel sheet to write all the important things down, and check if the company provides it. They need to include technical support that is available all the time, and of course, proactive monitoring, because sometimes they can spot the suspicious behavior before you even see it.

Knowing that the hackers target legit and big web services, you must think about the protection as you grow. Keep in mind that small websites aren’t their target, but once you hit a large number of visitors who buy goods from them, you can easily become interested in them. They literally clog all the access points to your website, and it’s always to protect it, instead of fighting against them. A large volume of traffic is confusing for the server, and it will crash trying to block them all. That’s why you must think about advanced solutions when it comes to protecting your website.

At this point, we once again recommend you to make a list of all the VPS around you and compare their features, so you can choose the one you need. Most of the providers will offer different plans for different prices.

What makes VPS better than dedicated hosting?


It provides almost the same level of protection against DDoS attacks, but it’s more affordable. Sometimes, regular websites don’t really need a dedicated or separate server. This is, in many people’s opinion, the best possible balance between resources available and the price you can afford to pay.

On the other hand, no matter how smooth things are going, you can always have some issue with the server, and that’s why we already mentioned you need to look for a full-time customer support service. Even the smallest problems can cause big issues that you can’t really resolve by yourself, but with a call or email, the support team will help you resolve that.

What makes you attractive to the attackers?


Hackers will always look for high-level websites that have vulnerabilities in the complete architecture. It can happen because of the weak protection, or some mistake in the hosting. But, as your website becomes more visible, they are more likely to target it as their goal. DDoS Protected VPS is built to stop these attacks, using advanced tools, that will deny the critical requests. Most of these servers can handle large volumes of traffic influx, and they are becoming more sophisticated in providing the appropriate protection.

These servers also come with so-called Anti-DDoS protection, and they scan the access points all the time, so they can spot any suspicious behavior. Their protection system uses advanced tools to spot sophisticated attacks, and also the so-called junk traffic, so they can identify every potential risk.

The least you can do is to choose the best plan for your needs and find the right provider around you, who will be available for you all the time. Also, backup your data at least every week, so you can extract the most recent version if you face some attack. Ask the provider if they have good firewall protection or even CloudFlare, so it can block suspicious IP addresses from all over the world.

Keep in mind that high-traffic and profitable websites are what the attackers are looking for. If you want to build a huge audience, you need to be very careful and take all the needed measures, to prevent huge damages caused by DDoS attacks.

Final thoughts

Now when you know what is a DDoS attack, but also which tools do you need to protect your website, we hope that you will realize how important is to invest in quality server solutions. It’s very easy to become a target to the attackers, who will send packets of requests, confuse the system, and break the protection around your website.

The attacks can go to the applications used for the website to work, or to the infrastructure layers. Make sure you aren’t exposing your resources a lot, so you can minimize the chances for attacks. When you sign up for a server plan, make sure you got all these things covered, and that the VPS has the needed capacity to handle the potential attacks, without hurting the system.

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