How to Choose an Artist for Your Custom Portrait?

Paintings are an ideal way to preserve a memory for ages. No high-quality cameras will ever replace paintings when it comes to preserving the moment for ages and centuries. The photo might get deleted, or the quality might degrade in a photo frame, but the portrait will last longer than your lifetime.

Selecting an artist for your custom portrait can be overwhelming as the numbers of quality artists are increasing day by day and all because of social media platforms.

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Factors to consider before choosing an Artist for your Custom Portrait


1. Pick up your style

Before considering an artist you must decide what kind of style you want for your custom portrait. There are different types of styles to select from, and you can choose the artist that makes the best portrait in that particular style.

You must take some extra time in selecting the ideal style for the portrait you want on your walls, or else you might end up regretting that you could have considered a different style. There are plenty of painting styles to choose from.

For example – Photorealistic, Realism/ Expressionism, Abstract, surrealism, and many more.

2. Select the ideal artist

Once you have determined what kind of portrait style is ideal for your custom portrait, you can move on to searching for the ideal artist who is good at making a similar style. There will be several artists who are good at painting the style you want. But every artist has a different style as well.

You can get different paintings of the same picture from every other artist. Hence, spend some time researching which artist’s style will be suitable for the style of your portrait. It’s important that real painting looks exactly the same you have picturized in your head.

You can visit the artist’s website or social media accounts to see their previous works before hiring any artist.

3. Determine the budget, and you are willing to invest


It’s important to decide the budget and how much you are willing to invest in your portrait painting. Each artist will charge a different price based on factors like the style of your painting, the quality of art, the experience of the artist, and a few other factors.

Artist expertise in delivering good quality art will charge more compared to an artist who doesn’t have enough experience. A painting is a one-time investment that will keep sitting on the walls for years and indeed a piece of decoration for your house.

Hence, don’t hesitate to spend some extra money and get a good quality painting. A good painting might last for decades and over a century. You can check the service charge of artists on their website or social media accounts.

4. Consider the place for your painting

The same painting will not be suitable for every place. Some people might want it for their office, and others might want to hang it on their walls. You can even think of giving it to your loved ones. Based on the space you have and the place where you will keep it, you must hire an artist for your custom portrait.

Some artists are good at making small-medium-sized portraits, while some are good at making medium-large-sized portraits. Based on the space you have on your wall, you must decide the size of the portrait. Check the artist’s website to see their specialty and the size of portrait they make.

5. Understand the painting process

Before hiring an artist, you must understand the painting process clearly. The painting process starts from hiring them till your painting is delivered to you. Select an artist that can work with the terms and conditions that you both can agree on. Have a rough idea of the painting process before hiring the artist.

The painting process includes the following points to be considered:

  • You must send a clear sample/ photo of the art that you want for the custom portrait in a manner suitable for the artist.
  • Consider the services the artist will offer like time to complete the portrait, quality of the art, colors used, medium of painting, how long the painting can be preserved, etc.
  • The manner of delivery of the painting and complete shipment process.
  • Also, whether the artist will provide a preview of the painting before delivering the finished product.
  • And lastly, discuss the modes of payment and if any discounts or offers are available.

6. Determine the time required to complete the art


Customized portraits can be used for decoration in your home and office, as well as a perfect option for gifts in marriage anniversaries, birthday parties, or other special events. It is important to hire an artist based on how long it will take him to complete your custom portrait.

If you want to give it as a gift, then you might need it urgently. In that case, you must search for artists that can deliver good quality art at least time taken. You might have to spend more, but it’s totally worth it for giving a gift that can be preserved for ages. Ensure that the fast delivery of art doesn’t affect the quality of the painting.

Wrapping up

There are several factors to be considered before choosing an artist for your custom portrait as the price charged by an experienced artist can cost too high, but it’s completely worth the quality of art you will receive. A portrait is a memory that will be imprinted on your walls for a lifetime. Hence, having a perfect one is necessary.

Don’t rush in to make any kind of painting. Get some suggestions from someone who has a good taste in art about what style of painting will be ideal. Read all the terms and conditions carefully, and look on the artist’s website for samples and other necessary information before hiring them.

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