4 Important Things To Check Before Buying Ray Ban Glasses

Are you planning to purchase Ray-Ban glasses? If yes, you should consider some things before choosing a pair. Many people don’t know about the same and decide without proper analysis. You should not make this mistake if you don’t want to waste your money.

Ray-Ban is one of the most popular glasses brands in the world. Almost everyone prefers buying sunglasses from this company. It is because everything is up to the mark. The quality of ray-ban glasses is unbeatable. Other reasons also attract more and more people to this brand. You will get to know it if you research everything well about it.

As Ray-Ban sunglasses are available in most of the stores, it becomes challenging to find out if they are original or not. However, you can make this task easier by analyzing some things regarding the same. We will help you in the process. So, keep reading the article till the end.

Every customer needs to check essential things before choosing a particular brand product. The primary reason behind it is that some stores provide fake models. The only way to not get into their trap is to have sufficient knowledge about the brand’s products. Once you know how to identify the original ones, you might not have to waste your money on the fake ones. Therefore, it is the best strategy to avoid such problems.

You might want to know more about things to look for when choosing Ray-Ban sunglasses. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.

What are the things to look for before buying Ray Ban sunglasses?


It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing glasses of this brand for the first time. You can quickly learn how to identify the original pair with the following points.

1. High-quality materials

The first thing you can analyze effortlessly is the type of materials used for production. As Ray-Ban is a famous company, they wouldn’t like to reduce their reputation. So, the quality of materials they use while manufacturing the glasses matters a lot. Without quality, you can expect people to purchase stuff from the same company.

Now the main question is, how will you recognize the changes? Well, it is pretty straightforward for everyone. You can look at the body structure of the eyewear. In other words, the body of ray-ban eyewear is always solid and robust. These two features will help you find the right option for you. You have to check the quality of the lenses simultaneously to figure out if you have made the correct decision.

2. Look at the product’s origin

The next thing you need to do is find the country of the manufacturer. Ray-Ban eyewear is from Italy. So, if you see ‘made in Italy’ written on the package, you have bought the original glasses. On the contrary, if there is another country’s name, it is an indication you have picked the fake sunglasses.

One thing you should know about the manufacturing part is that other countries like China also produce Ray-Ban eyewear. The quality remains the same, no matter what country it is. If the factories belong to the brand, there will be no issues.

However, most of the eyewear originates from Italy only. So, you have to be careful about this thing when choosing sunglasses. Otherwise, you will regret your decision later on.


3. Check the packaging

Ray-Ban is a brand that focuses on providing the best services to customers. So, their packaging is also excellent, just like their products.

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And below, you can see what the company does regarding its packaging and how they stand out from other brands.

  1. Cardboard box: A cardboard box will be there if you have purchased the right sunglasses. Apart from that, you will also see the Ray-Ban logo on it. One sign tells you have bought the product from the original company. The best thing about this box is that it has a barcode. The barcode means that the seller of the ray-ban glasses is reliable. There is nothing more straightforward than finding the barcode. It reveals a lot about the item.
  2. Original leather case: If you buy any pair of glasses from this brand, you will get an original leather case. In the case of a game product, you might not get the same. So, be very aware and look for this particular thing every time you purchase anything from the company. There is another sign of originality. Every case has a seal in which you will see the details regarding the product and brand. You might see something like “100% UV protection,” as almost every sunglasses protect against Ultraviolet rays. That is why you need to check everything written on the case seal.
  3. Cloth for cleaning: To maintain a pair of glasses, one needs to do a proper cleaning. Fake eyewear might provide you with low-quality fabric. But Ray-Ban always focuses on offering the best quality of cloth for cleaning purposes. So, if you want to recognize a genuine product, you can check the quality of the fabric. Also, note that the company prints the logo on the cloth.
  4. Booklet: It might be surprising for you, but this brand always adds a guide. You must not fall into the trap of those products that add warranty cards or other things. They might not be as authentic as you think.

A booklet containing some information about the product is an excellent sign of originality. You can also read the guide to find if there are any grammatical mistakes.


4. Logo on the product

Every Ray-Ban sunglasses have its logo on the right lens. The logo printed should be of high quality so that it doesn’t fade after you wear the pair for some time. If it disappears from time to time, you should realize the product is fake.

The Bottom Line

We hope you can quickly find out whether the pair of glasses you have is original or fake. It is crucial to consider the things mentioned above before spending your money. While you’re at it, complete your look with some affordable watch options on

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