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CCTV Cameras: How They Can Protect You

CCTV systems allow us to monitor a specific location, whether that’s the exterior or interior of a property, through the use of video cameras.

More and more families and businesses are starting to use CCTV systems in Melbourne due to the benefits they bring. It’s safe to say that they are very beneficial for us, and we’re going to explain to you why.

1. CCTV Cameras Deter Criminal Activity


The biggest and most obvious benefit when it comes to using these cameras is the fact that they are able to monitor your property. Just by seeing a camera on your property, criminals will think twice before committing a crime. The systems which are installed in car parks were found to decrease crime by up to 51%!

A study also found that 70% of burglars enter through the front door, while 30% use the back door or windows. The same study found that 2 in 100 homes were victims of robberies, with more than 50% of incidents taking place during work hours.

These statistics are very real and tell a very concerning fact. If we are to employ these cameras to safeguard these entry points, burglars will think twice before entering your home or business premises. If you are wondering how you can get those surveillance cameras, you can click here to check some of the options that can protect your property.

2. CCTV Improve Home Insurance Rates

Another way that CCTV systems protect you is through reducing your home and property insurance costs, subsequently saving you more money in the process. With such cameras, you’re less of a target for burglars, which means that the price of your insurance is decreased along with it. Furthermore, they offer you evidence of any insurance claims that you might have because of any criminal activities. According to Vista Security Solutions, the more evidence you have to support your claim, the better the chances of winning that claim.

3. It Puts Your Mind to Rest


We feel much better knowing that there are cameras installed outside our doors. Security systems provide us with a sense of security and reassurance, especially if you live near a place that crime is a problem. If we add to the fact that most CCTV systems nowadays are wireless and can be monitored from your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer, we can further eliminate safety concerns.

With increased convenience means that you can frequently view and check your premises at push of a button, or a tap on the screen. With the ever-increasing integration of smart applications and smart homes, these systems will become an integral part of it.

4. Cost-Effective

Such systems are very cost-effective solutions for your home or office security. Once they are properly installed, they require very little maintenance. What’s even better is that they built to last and will not malfunction easily. However, you do have to clean them every month or so just to make sure that they operate at peak performance. But other than that, they will keep your premises safe for years and years.

The best way to maintain them is to find a company that specializes in maintenance as well as repairs.

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