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CBD is the Panacea for Procrastination!

Procrastination is a fancy word that is on everyone’s lips over the last few years. We usually mistake it for laziness, however, procrastination may become a serious matter leading to anxiety, and never-ending stress. One possible solution to combat it is CBD. So, let’s understand whether it is a panacea or a simple placebo.

What Stays Behind Procrastination?

Do you find yourself postponing tasks for later when you have a very visible deadline? Or, do you have the power to do nothing but just scrolling the feed on social media? It all sounds like little guilty-pleasures when you are just too lazy but when it does not have any end it is a signal that you should take immediate actions.

Some people believe that procrastination is a good thing, as they literally postpone tasks that bear negative or stressful character. On the other side, procrastination may seem like avoiding responsibility. If believed by the researchers, excessive procrastination may easily lead to anxiety, mental crisis, depression, and they all may become chronic. Therefore, those people will need a comprehensive treatment plan to avoid severe symptoms and consequences.

Some studies also related this phenomenon to the role of the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is a brain area in charge of attention and planning. It works by reducing the distracting stimuli and helps one be concentrated on important things. In case of any abnormal functionality of the prefrontal cortex or its damage, procrastination may take place and just result in poor organization, and lost attention. Still, it is hard to understand how to treat procrastination.

One of the possible solutions is CBD oil for procrastination, however, it won’t be a cure but an assistant to a complex treatment plan typically decided by a psychologist or psychotherapist.

Cannabidiol or short for CBD is likely to improve your focus, as it is believed to work by allowing more serotonin to access the brain, and then sedate the brain receptors in charge of anxiety, concentration, and sleep. In short, after taking CBD for procrastination, you may become alert, organized, and calm to easily proceed with performing all your tasks rather than postponing them.

Unfortunately, there are no studies confirming the efficacy of CBD for procrastination, so people mostly base their intake on the feedback of other people, and general benefits known related to CBD oil. Nevertheless, you should first speak to your healthcare provider who will assess the applicability of CBD oil for procrastination.

Fighting Your Procrastination with CBD and Additional Tricks

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First of all, concerning the intake of CBD, you should understand what type of CBD you want exactly. It may be oil which is believed to be the most effective, capsules, soft gels, or pills. Secondly, you should understand the right dosage for you. Check the label or instructions and start with the lowest dosage. In case of no visible effects, you may increase the dose but after getting your doctor’s approval, however, CBD products may also take up to 1 month of producing visible effects. Thirdly, make a habit of doing the following:

Understand your enemy. Is it one task that you always postpone or there are many of them? Spend time thinking about what you always postpone, and try to concentrate on it for at least one week;
Do not build the plan for Monday. People when deciding to combat procrastination tend to go for Monday’s start.

No, it is better to start just right now;

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Go for a walk. It is hard to start doing something immediately when you always postpone it. So, when you should proceed with a certain task, give yourself a walk to breathe fresh air and enjoy the surroundings. Listen to motivational music or take a stroll with your friends or pet;

Award yourself. If you managed to complete a task without being distracted or you postponed it but for a little time, award yourself with your guilty-pleasures;

Try planning. If you have never planned your week, try with it. No need to make your schedule over busy but adding a few tasks per day may be a good start;

Switch off your mobile phone. Social media or Netflix are most probably the worst enemies of yours when you have a deadline. Plan your tasks in advance before your favorite series, and allow yourself to throw a mobile phone for at least 1 hour;

Have a bet. Some people benefit from betting with others, as you have a person who is interested in you to fail. Bet that you can do things immediately or within an established timeline.

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Finally, there is also a go-choice to speak to your doctor about alternative treatments including meditations, yoga, or mood therapies. Therapies help to exclude other possible medical conditions that make you always postpone things for later. Otherwise, a doctor may incorporate light supplements like CBD oil for procrastination or medications that may somehow improve your anxiety, stress, and alertness. Note, antidepressants that are known to be prescribed to fix the mood should be the last choice unless specified by the doctor, while CBD oil for procrastination won’t cause side effects, abuse, or dependence. You won’t have any withdrawal symptoms and may improve your overall wellbeing and focus within 1 month.

To access the trustworthy party that sells CBD products for any liking, and CBD for procrastination, you may refer to the Every Day Optimal store. They have vegan-friendly, and gluten-free CBD supplements and they have been previously third-party lab tested to ensure your safety when taking them. Besides, you may find a consultation on the product to learn more about cannabidiol benefits. In case you do not like them, they also offer a refund.

All in all, procrastination is a thing that may harm your health, and lead to severe mental health conditions. CBD might be a panacea for procrastination but only alongside other ways of combating it. If you believe your procrastination is getting worse, address the concern to your doctor.

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