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Shake Things Up with CBD Infused Products

Premium cannabis-infused products are making headlines at the moment and enjoying hand-crafted, specialty edibles and teas are easy when cannabis-industry professionals along with chefs and tea sommeliers are applying their knowledge to craft delicious products for people to enjoy.

These professionally-made cannabis-infused edibles like gummies and chocolate can give you the calming, soothing effects of CBD without altering your state of mind like with THC or alcohol. That means you can de-stress with a refreshing sip of mint tea, a bite of a soft brownie, or a strawberry gummy.

With tea blends handpicked by an experienced and world-renowned tea sommelier, you can unwind after a long day of work and try something new with premium cannabis-infused products like curated teas and edibles from It’s easy to enjoy cannabis in your life, which is legal in Canada and select states, in a more mature and sophisticated way.

If you like to spend your evenings with a favorite book in hand, why not pair it with a CBD-infused sweet chamomile tea. If you are looking to enjoy a relaxing candle-lit bath to reduce stress and anxiety after a busy day, why not enjoy a dragon fruit chew at the same time?

The range of products coming soon from Olli Brands and other specialty producers is growing at an exponential rate — users can enjoy their CBD in many forms and gummies are popular because they act as an easily digestible and discrete alternative to other CBD products.

Look for expertly-crafted premium cannabis-infused teas and edibles that are tested from seed to sale. And be sure to look for exclusive tea blends that are not only internationally-sourced but are also curated by in-house experts who trained at Michelin-starred restaurants.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Infused Products?

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CBD’s calming effects create a relaxing experience that everyone wants after a stressful week. CBD doesn’t have to be a solo enterprise — you can even enjoy it with friends (assuming everyone is keeping a safe distance, of course). You can enjoy a peaceful afternoon of trying out different CBD iced tea infusions with friends, and everyone can have as many glasses as they can without expecting a groggy morning.

CBD is not THC, and so these products offer an alternative sensation of relaxation and wellness compared to the psychotropic high of THC. CBD offers improved sleep, reduces inflammation and chronic pain, and can improve sleep.

How Strong are the Products?

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Depending on the brand, a single tea bag could range anywhere from five milligrams to 25 milligrams. If you’re unsure where you should begin, it’s always best to start at the lower end of the scale — once you have a handle on your body’s reaction, you can increase or decrease your dosage. Being able to tailor your experience is one of the key reasons why edibles have become the popular choice for CBD users.

Edible marijuana products such as cannabis gummies are commonly produced in five or 10-milligram portions — for inexperienced users, the former will allow you to experiment with your dosage safely. Once you become more comfortable you have the option to take a larger dosage if you have yet to experience the benefits associated with a deeper night’s sleep.

But Won’t Cannabis Get Me High?

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Cannabis is made of 113 different compounds with Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being the two most prevalent. CBD, in contrast to THC, does not cause the psychoactive high feeling when consumed. Instead, it provides relief and treats an array of health issues from epilepsy to arthritis. It reacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to produce a sense of calmness.

Edible CBD products — whether a solid gummy or a tea infusion — let you enjoy cannabis in a safe way. They also make a great alternative to alcohol because they don’t bring a nasty hangover and they have far fewer calories.
Wine and cocktails contain an average of 120 calories per glass, which can add up. With CBD-infused tea, there’s no need to keep track of how many drinks you’ve had to prevent a painful hangover. CBD is non-toxic and has no negative side effects.

Because Canada and some US states have legalized cannabis, many professionals, connoisseurs, and amateurs alike are experimenting with the many possible ways it can be experienced. There are now high-quality, organic, and premium CBD products that you know will do the job of promoting wellness and taste good as well.

Research has shown evidence of CBD reducing anxiety and depression symptoms as well as helping mitigate the symptoms of other mental health illnesses. And after an unprecedented pandemic and heavy social distancing, more people are struggling with mental stress than ever before.

Many people have become more aware of CBD with its legalization and further research into its many uses, which means it’s more readily available than ever before, with many specialty producers creating custom-curated experiences for users.

Infused edibles provide both something fun to do during leisure time and a stress relief method with almost no harmful side effects. Your state of mind remains unaltered so you remain in total control. Plus, the work and research put into crafting the CBD infused products make your experience that much more enjoyable.

Change How You Unwind

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Transform the way you relax and socialize with the calming health benefits of CBD extracted from cannabis plants that don’t come with a high.

The marijuana tea and cannabis gummies industry is a multi-billion dollar endeavor and it will not be slowing down any time soon. In fact, CBD-infused edibles and tea products are becoming an increasingly popular choice for adults who are interested in consuming cannabis but are looking for an alternative to smoking it.

We’ve covered the therapeutic benefits and the specialty products available. So, if you’re tired of the same old usual night out at the bar, why not try a whole new calming experience with CBD-infused gummies and teas after a long, hard week at work.

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