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How to Cash in Your E-Waste – 2024 Guide

Are you one of those who often change their old computers and phones for the newest and most modern ones? Where do you leave old devices? Please, don’t be crazy throwing them in a landfill. Before you do it next time, remember that you can get some good cash for them. The technological dependence of society is undoubted, and as much as it has its advantages, the fact is that it poses a great threat to nature.

To raise people’s awareness of the importance of preserving the environment, many ways for waste disposal have been proposed so far: people can get rid of their old e-devices and organize their e-consumption in the right way and make money at the same time. In this way, we come to a win-win situation for man and nature. Man disposes of these in eco-friendly ways, gets money for that, and nature remains unpolluted.

The statistics have been worrying in recent years. They show that the average user changes a mobile phone every 18 months, while 20 million TVs end up in the trash. On the other hand, only 15% of e-waste is recycled annually. All this points to an alarming situation that we’ve caused and which urgently needs to change.

Water, air, and soil can be seriously endangered by chemicals that reach the environment from technological devices. The good thing is that every person on the planet can get involved in preserving the environment, contributing, and making money. If you’re interested in finding out all the ways you can cash in your e-waste, read below.

By returning broken and old devices to the store

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Once your device breaks down or wears out, don’t immediately think about throwing it away. Why would you do that when you can benefit from it? Many computers, telephones, and other technology stores are supporters of green business policies. In this way, they stand out in the market among numerous competitors and rank high thanks to the care they show for a healthy future.

For these reasons, they will welcome you with open arms when you take your old computer. Old but still functional parts will find applications in these shops as they will serve as an excellent tool for making new generations of computers or televisions.

There are several ways you can profit. Some of the merchants will offer you a cash redemption fee. Others have special programs under which you can receive a gift card in exchange for the purchase of a product in their store, while some will give vouchers that can be used in a certain period.

1. Sell it by yourself

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We’re sure that you have acquaintances or friends in your environment who would be interested in buying some second-hand equipment if its state is satisfying. Many aren’t able to afford something new since their standard of living doesn’t allow it, so they turn to alternative options such as buying used devices.

This is another great way to find a new application for an old phone or TV, cash it in and prevent it from ending up in a landfill and destroying collective health.

Provided that the device is in good condition, you can start looking for a customer. In addition to friends and people from your environment, some collectors collect and use rare and old parts of the devices. Ask around the neighborhood and in the circles in which you move in your city if there are any interested people.

Note that the estimated value will depend on the price represented on the market. You’ll find it difficult to sell the oldies at the price of the new ones, and that’s why you have to set a realistic price. Only in this way, following the market trends, you’ll be able to sell your old devices.

2. Sell using shopping websites

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Websites specializing in e-shopping are increasingly finding their application all around the internet. And not just when it comes to technology, but in any shopping. The fast pace of life leaves people with very little free time, so shopping from an armchair turned out to be the perfect solution.

Right in the online marketplace, you can find your perfect customers, in case you cannot find them in your social circles. There are many websites like this, and they will require a few things from you.

First, you’re going to need to leave a detailed product description with photos attached. This way, the buyer will have an insight into what he/she is buying and the condition of the offered product. In addition to the necessary contact information, which will make it easier for the customer to reach you, it would be good to mention if there’s any damage and avoid unpleasant situations.

Try to be honest, because any damage that the customer encounters after the payment is made will leave the impression that you wanted to deceive them. Websites today generally offer the ability to leave reviews in comments, and negative feedback can have a lot of impact on your reputation.

3. Recycle

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A campaign dedicated to recycling, which has been trying for years to encourage people to participate in it, has spread around the world. Besides making people behave responsibly, companies and state leaders decided to pay them for every effort. By recycling e-waste, every responsible citizen has financial benefits.

In addition to the case in which you can get a recycling fee from technology device stores, you can also contact one of the state institutions in charge of that. There they will be disposed of responsibly, safely, and efficiently and everyone will be grateful to you for taking care of the environment.

If you’re unsure where to recycle, many countries on different continents have created national online networks of e-waste recycling companies. You can click here to check the correctness of those claims, learn more about the positive effects of such projects, or just google the nearest e-waste disposal site and find the best solution.

Recycling and caring for e-waste doesn’t require any complicated processes or a lot of time, but only the will of the individuals and potential groups interested in it. Only through collective commitment can we ensure better and healthier life, therefore nothing stops you from racing to the first store or government institution to bring them your old devices! Cash is not the only benefit you’ll receive – but also a personal satisfaction when you realize that your activities have contributed to a healthier life and the lives of future generations.

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