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5 Car Cleaning Hacks For Everyone Who Loves Their Car

Having a car comes with its share of freedom. However, like every other freedom, there are a lot of responsibilities you cannot escape if you want it around for a long time. If you do not take it upon yourself to keep your car clean, well-serviced, and in pristine condition, it will look decades old even if you just bought it the other month, and you will rue the day you bought it. These hacks will help you clean your car in the shortest time possible, and get rid of the stains that are every car owner’s nightmare.

1. Cleaning seats

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Your car seats are the biggest casualties of accumulated dirt in the car. They are not that easy to clean either because they have to sit out and dry after a deep cleaning of any sort. Even then, there are some stubborn stains that are a nightmare to get off. A half-and-half mixture of water and vinegar will thankfully get rid of those stubborn stains for you. Use a vacuum sweeper to, first of all, get rid of the dirt on the surface, then go in with the water and vinegar mixture.

2. Getting rid of bad smells

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Especially after a night out, your car can really smell bad, so bad that you do not want to get in it. If you are the kind to eat those savory foods in your car, with all those spills and food debris, it can amount to the most sickening smell in your car. A simple trick is to sprinkle a generous amount of baking powder on your seats. Use vacuum sweeper to ward off the nasty smells. You can follow it up with a deep clean thereafter, but you will appreciate the respite baking powder brings.

3. Cleaning tires

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Few things look better on a car than tires that look spotlessly clean. But it is not all the time that you can afford to take them in for cleaning, or maybe you just do not have the time and patience to wait in line before they eventually get to your car. Mix some dishwater and baking powder in warm water. Get a cloth and clean your tires on your own. This is such a rewarding experience.

4. Cleaning pet hair

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Do you like driving around with your pet dog? Few things are more satisfying. Pets make some of the best travel companions ever known to man. But the fur they leave behind on the seats, even for short visits to the vet or pet parks, can be so frustrating and hard to remove. In which case, simply take a squeegee and scrape off all that hair from your seats. It comes off so easily and it an efficient way of bringing the pets along for the rides that they adore without resenting them for fur they have no control over.

5. Cleaning the exterior of the car

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Most people find that using conditioner for the exterior of their cars gives them a shiny finish. It is a very inexpensive way of getting rid of all that dust, mud, bird droppings and leaves from the car. However, it can be so daunting getting all those stains and dirt out of every nook and crook of your car, especially if you have to do it repeatedly.

A more efficient way of keeping both the interior and exterior of your car fresh is getting a car cover. Car covers are useful whether you park your car in a garage or leave it out in the streets. They will prevent dust from accumulating on your seats’ upholstery and expensive carpets, the body of your car, and your tires.

If you are not especially fond of washing your car, and you do not like going to get it cleaned every now and again either, the car cover is for you. It is a one-time purchase that will save you lots of needless cleaning, and it does not get any more convenient than this.

Do you get worried when it rains? Why should you when a waterproof car cover will protect your car from all that seepage? Car cover fabric is light, but firm, to increase their durability. Much as some car covers come in multiple layers, they are uniquely light that there will be no heavy lifting any time you feel like covering your car.

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Most importantly, they are waterproof but breathable – waterproof to prevent water from reaching the car surface, and breathable to ensure any moisture that builds up or finds its way in quickly evaporates. This way you can stop worrying about whatever build-up that may form underneath the covers if water seeps in through the seams of the cover.

If you have a car that you have parked in your driveway and do not use often, you really need a car cover. Because you do not use it frequently, it is easy for dirt to build up both in its exterior and interior. If you wish to use it sometime in the future, keep it protected with a breathable car cover. On top of the dirt, it will prevent unnecessary scratches that occur on most parked vehicles.
Do not pass up on this car accessory just because you park your car in a garage. A conventional garage hosts all types of tools and equipment, and it takes so little to scratch your car against them. An indoor car cover has been specially designed to prevent these inconveniences. Car covers typically come in standard sizes but in different designs. It is very easy to find one that perfectly suits your car. If you need something more bespoke and tailored specially for your car, a custom car cover will do your trick, you only need to discuss the specifics with your retailer.

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