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How to Capitalize on the Mobile App Boom

Mobile application technologies are fast dominating and changing the world, with enterprises big and small witnessing twice the increase in revenue as they implement modified mobile tech trends. In this age when everyone and their mother has a smart device, surviving the competitive market without mobile application development can be difficult. You certainly need an app if you want to stay ahead in your marketing efforts.

Investing in mobile app development is an excellent move for any modern business. After all, mobile apps have been shown to help increase visibility, enhance engagement, reach out to customers while on the go and using the very platform they use on a constant basis. Apps also work much faster than mere mobile websites and are built to maximize the use of mobile devices.

Capitalizing on the mobile app development boom is all about creating an application that caters to the needs of your business and to the demands and requirements of your customer base at the same time. Pulse Solutions is a leading mobile application development company. We deliver mobile app development software services across the world.

Monetizing mobile apps has a lot to do with choosing the right strategy that will help maximize revenue. If you want to make money out of mobile application development, here are monetization models and strategies you can consider on the road to more profits:

Advertising revenue

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Ads help make investments pay for themselves. When it comes to trying and tested monetization strategies, ad revenue proves and continues to prove to be a successful strategy.

This is precisely the reason why we can afford full-color multiple page morning paper for cheap dollars and tons of high-quality journalism at no additional charge online. Ad revenue is also what makes businesses the most money, with surveys stating that at least 65% of application developers prefer advertising as a major monetization strategy.

How ad revenue works in the context of mobile apps is a lot like how ads work within websites. Google AdMob or AdSense automatically reads the content and text on your app so that the most suitable and relevant ads can be added to your ad spaces. Every click that ads receive from within your app earns you money so the more users downloading, installing, using, and clicking on ads in your app, the more ad revenue you stand to earn with it.

In-App purchases

Many free apps rely on in-app purchases for additional revenue. The key to making in-app purchases work is keeping users deeply engaged and making them fall in love with your overall in-app experience so they are more encouraged to spend a ton of their own money for added benefits. This could mean introducing better-paid features, additional lives in a game, premium content, and other perks for a paying user.

A little creativity in making use of in-app purchases will help you encourage app users to spend more in your app through in-app purchases for a value-added experience.


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Another way to make constant revenue out of mobile application development is by encouraging subscriptions.

App subscriptions offer a steady stream and cycle of revenue for businesses. Take Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime, for instance. These apps who took this route and are clocking millions (if not billions) in net profit through memberships and subscriptions. If your app generates new and relevant content on a regular basis, you can very well think about charging users and subscribers a monthly fee for the content that you generate.

Data monetization

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As long as you follow GDPR policies and privacy laws, another way to make money out of your application is by monetizing its users’ non-personal, non-sensitive data. These sorts of information cost a lot when shared with data-hungry businesses and companies who are doing market research and looking for a better understanding of the demographics of particular app user categories. Although data monetization is still an emerging trend in terms of app monetization, it is a great way to make additional revenue out of your mobile app. For example, about the OSRS mobile app, you can check some review at

These are just some of the most efficient ways to make money out of your mobile app development investment. It is important to remember that the success of these monetization practices largely depends on the amount of engagement that your app receives as well as the number of users that it attracts, so it’s best to engage now and monetize later to ensure revenue.

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