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Cancelled TV Shows

The number of amazing TV shows that we see each year is huge. The previous year was amazing for many people. We were able to see different TV shows that gained worldwide popularity.

The huge problem arises when people do not follow TV shows actively. Let’s say that you subscribe to Netflix. When you look closer, you will see that there is a huge number of them that you missed. In that case, it is hard to decide which one will be more interesting for you. The reviews are usually great for each one and you simply get confused.

Well, we are not here to recommend any of those TV shows. However, we would want to highlight the most popular ones that are canceled or ended in 2024. That piece of information might help you make a better choice.

So, let’s get started.


This TV show gained huge popularity after only one season. However, things are not going to continue in the same manner. The Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Netflix had canceled this music drama on January 21.

Joshua Safran, the creator of this TV show, was planning to publish the second season this year. However, there are no signs that something like that is going to happen. We hope that things are going to change.

Anne with an E

The huge TV show fans already know that three seasons have been published so far. Unfortunately, the future of this show is canceled as well. If you want to check the third a season, you can do that on the CBC in Canada. Despite that, Netflix also shared it for its audience on the streaming service in January this year.

However, the third season is going to be the last one. This news was announced in November last year. Many people wanted to believe that things are going to change in 2024. You can check social media and see many posts that included hashtag #RenewAnneWithanE.

Moira Walley-Beckett said in one interview that there is a huge desire to finish the entire story with a final feature film. Yet, since that interview, there were no official plans.

Ray Donovan

Even the most loyal fans of this TV show can’t believe that there are 7 seasons of Ray Donovan. The last season ended on January 19 this year with a cliffhanger finale. Many people were expecting to see the eighth season. However, all of them got disappointed this year. Unfortunately, the eighth season is canceled. There are no signs that this decision will change in the future.

More precisely, the last (seventh) season will serve as the series finale.

The Good Place

Until now, The Good Place creators have published 4 different seasons. This entertaining TV show was popular among many TV show lovers. Yet, the fifth season is not in the plans of creators and producers.

Michael Schur, the creator of this comedy, decided to end the fourth season in his specific style. As you probably know, the second half of this season started this year. Still, people that are not familiar with this show should know one thing. There is also an extra-long finale special that brought the end of A Good Place on January 30. We suggest you go through all four seasons and enjoy the comedy that Michael Schur has prepared for people.

BoJack Horseman

Okay, you have probably heard about this TV Show because it gained huge popularity in the previous 6 years. After 6 seasons of BoJack Horseman, the series has come to an end. The final season was published in September last year. People were able to find it on Netflix in November. The last episode was published on January 31 this year.

However, the creator of the TV show, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, said that everything was canceled because of Netflix’s decision. Still, we can’t blame Netflix because of that. They acted correctly and gave him advance notice that they are not planning to support the show for the seventh season. Because of that, the creator was able to end it in a narratively satisfying way.

Fresh Off the Boat

After six long seasons, this TV show is coming to an end. However, this is not something that surprised people. Everything about the cancellation of this show was clear in November 2019. At that moment, the sixth season was already filmed. However, it was immediately announced it is going to be the last one.

Still, the show’s most popular actor Constance Wu had to apologize because of one strange reason. She tweeted about her disappointment that the show had been renewed. She didn’t even expect that there will be the sixth season. She planned to start working on some other projects.

Anyway, we won’t say that is the main reason why the seventh season was canceled. So, if you are planning to see the final episodes, you were able to do that during this month.

Criminal Minds

Many people say that this TV show is nostalgic. The reason for that is simple. If you are now 30 years old, then it means that you were 15 when you watched the first episode of this entertaining TV show. It is hard to find a person that doesn’t like Criminal Minds. Some of the seasons were better; others did not meet the expectations of the viewers. However, after long 15 seasons of this show, things are finally going to finish.

Many people were expecting that the 15th season won’t be the final one. Yet, CBS announced in January last year that 2024 is the final year for Criminal Minds. The last season started on January 8 this year.

Spinning Out

This Netflix original premiered in January this year. It became popular among Netflix fans, but they won’t have the chance to see the second season. Everyone was expecting to see at least 2 more seasons. Yet, on February 3, the media around the United States published that the second season has been canceled.


Well, we hope that you are not disappointed after reading this article. We do not want to say that things are not going to change in the future. Yet, it is good to know the truth. We hope that creators will find a way to continue in the same manner.


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