Why Canadians Are Looking for Extra Money and How to Find It?

Since 2020, Canadians have endured unprecedented difficulties. And it will take time to overcome these obstacles, just like it did to rebuild after Hurricane Fiona. High inflation is an issue that the Bank of Canada faces specifically because of the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic.

Canadians, especially those with low or fixed incomes, are finding life more challenging due to high inflation. However, inflation in Canada increasingly reflects what’s happening in Canada. Some of this inflation reflects events on a global scale that we cannot control. The economy’s capacity to deliver goods and services is outpacing domestic demand.

The availability of personnel is a problem for businesses. Additionally, what first started as delays and higher pricing for many things made abroad has expanded to many services.

About Statistics


Only 13% of poll respondents indicated their financial situation had improved during the previous year. Pessimistic attitudes toward the economy were shared by respondents, who predicted that it would worsen over the following six months by 64% and improve by only 9%. It may even happen that to feed your family, you will have to take out online loans Saskatchewan and slightly improve your unfavorable financial situation.

Over the following six months, 40% of respondents predicted a decline in housing values. Since March, when the Bank of Canada started raising interest rates, there has been a decline in real estate sentiment, according to Nanos.

In the study, job stability was the only encouraging factor. It is typical for the weekly survey that 13% of respondents expressed at least some anxiety about losing their work.

Another recent study indicated that over 20% of Canadians were cutting back on meal size or missing meals to save money in the face of rising food prices.

How to Choose a Side Job?


When someone is clear on how much time and money they can devote to a side business, how much they need to produce to make it profitable, and whether or not they have family or other sources of support, they may start to make decisions about which side businesses will work for them. 43% of Canadians who were asked which category of goods had seen price increases over the six months before the study said food. Transport (32%), housing (9%) and home operations (8%) were the categories most impacted after food.

It’s crucial to remember that even though a side business sounds like a no-brainer, it will only succeed if you can consistently carve out time for it and your family is on board.

The first step in choosing a side business is to make a list of the restrictions or limitations that are unique to the prospective side business owner. These might include things like how frequently they utilize a car, computer, smartphone, credit card, and electronic transactions.

This will enable you to concentrate your search on legitimate side businesses. For instance, if you want to make money delivering things, you’ll probably need a car, and you’ll need a computer or a smartphone to sell used items on Facebook Marketplace or Kijiji.

The next phase entails thinking about your strengths, hobbies, abilities, and issues you are confident you can help people with. For instance, someone who is handy will value them much since they can help them with their troubles. It is interesting that in the six months before the study, 27% of Canadians said they had to utilize credit, take on new debt, or borrow money from friends or family to cover daily expenditures.

Choose a side job you’ll like. Your odds of sticking with a side hustle for a limited period rise if you choose one you don’t desire.

Best Side Hustles in Canada


Photojournalism and Graphic Design

There are several ways you might make these abilities into a side business if you have a camera and an eye for photography or graphic design.

You may want to think about giving your skills as a wedding or portrait photographer, or you may want to explore taking beautiful pictures that you then sell online as stock photographs. Additionally, you may offer to work on websites, advertisements, and more using your graphic design expertise.

Word of mouth is one of the greatest methods to begin started, in addition to creating a profile on the top freelancing websites. If you know of any clients searching for design work, ask your friend or coworker who is a copywriter or programmer. One of the most effective methods to expand your network is by developing a side business through word of mouth, even if it may seem too good to be true.

Advertise on Your Vehicle

Some businesses will pay you to place their stickers and decals anywhere noticeable on your vehicle so that it serves as a mobile billboard if you don’t particularly care how it looks.

If you sign up for an account on the website, they’ll pair you with a firm interested in your car (based also on your driving patterns), and it’s up to you to decide whether or not to accept the offer. In addition to getting paid for the advertising, you will also receive extra money for vehicle washes.

Another option is to inquire about advertising packages at nearby auto-detailing businesses. Having this revenue is passive.



There are many options to work on data analysis, developing programs, and building websites if computers, math, or science are more your thing.

People and companies all across the world need assistance in making use of the vast volumes of data that are available to us in our always-connected environment.

Consider constructing websites, developing bespoke spreadsheets, or programming applications if you have these talents. Even now, you may get paid to evaluate current websites and apps.


Budgets in Canada are being squeezed as the cost of living rises; as a result, some people are starting side businesses.

There are many methods to get some additional money, from selling used things or walking dogs to working as a brand ambassador and doing delivery shifts.

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