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6 Things to Look for When Buying Cycling Sunglasses – 2024 Guide

When planning on treating yourself to a new pair of sunglasses you are surely having a problem with picking the perfect pair for you. With many different options, it is easy to overspend for something that you will not really need. That is why is important to know what you are looking for before going out and buying your new pair. If you had ones in the past, you have things that you like on them and some things that you found annoying. However, if you are going to buy your first pair of cycling sunglasses you will have to research to know what to look for when trying them on.

Depending on how you drive and for how much time per session, you will have different options when choosing. Keep in mind that you should not cheap out on them because you buy them once and you use them for a long time. They are really an essential part of the equipment because they protect you throughout your whole cycling journey.

In this article, we will talk about the things you should know before buying your new pair of cycling sunglasses and what to look for when trying them on.

1. Comfort

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This is one of the most important things when buying a product of this type. Since you will be wearing them for a longer period of time, they have to be comfortable, otherwise, your cycling experience will be really bad. You will not be enjoying your rides because you will think of the pain caused by them. If you place them a little above your ears they might not fit under your headgear and that is another problem that you might come up onto.

Before going on a longer ride, make sure that you try them on and see if they are comfortable. Look around for a pair that is light and that has some kind of protection on them for the pressure above the ears. When you find the sunglasses that fit comfortably, you are halfway done because the other things are just preference but comfort is a priority as suggested by

2. Surface area

You should look for a pair that will cover your whole eyes from the cheeks to your eyebrows because the whole point is to prevent wind and dust from going inside your eyes besides the regular sun protection. Also, they sit more comfortably on you so that is another benefit of this. If you get a pair that does not get the job done you will be frustrated and you will have to compensate to drive in a position that you might not be enjoyable.

3. Shades that improve your vision

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When you try your cycling sunglasses you should see good through them. There are lenses that will help you spot things faster than the average shades. That is why it is recommended to avoid getting regular black shades, they will help you with sun protection but they will reduce your visibility. If you happen to have impaired vision, you can have diopter lenses that will help with that while also maintaining their purpose for this sport.

4. Ones that sit tight and don’t fall off

You know how annoying is to have sunglasses that are not stable on you while you are wearing them. You go for a drive, you get sweaty and they start to slide down your nose. All you do now is push them back while losing focus and getting mad at yourself for getting them. That is why you should look for a pair that will sit tightly on you while still being comfortable. You don’t want them to pressure your temples because you might be sore after wearing them.

Before buying you should put them to test if they slip or not by putting them on and shaking your head. If they sit tightly on you, they are good, if they fall off, they are not. You can look for a pair that has something for your nose to avoid slipping there as well. However, you will instantly know which pair to get when you try them on.

5. Replaceable lenses

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Versatility is really important when you buy an item that you want to serve you for an extended time. The frame is one thing and the lenses are another. You should always look for a pair where you can change the lenses whenever you want. This is great because you don’t need different pairs for every condition and situation, all you need is one frame and many lenses that you can change whenever you want. Another benefit of this is that the lenses don’t take too much space unlike having multiple pairs of sunglasses.

6. Curvature for helmet compatibility

As we all know the safe is key and that is why we should always wear headgear to be safe if something unexpected happens. It is a real bummer to buy a pair that is not compatible with your headgear piece. Before buying the cycling shades you should definitely try them on with the headgear on to be sure that they are comfortable under it and that they don’t misplace how the headpiece is placed.

Having a pair that is compatible with your other gear will let you feel great knowing that you have made the right purchase and that they will last you for a longer period because if they don’t fit perfectly, they might be damaged from the contact.


Before going out and looking for a pair, you should know what you are looking for. Firstly, it will help you with the choice so you will not need to spend a lot of time wandering around and being in dilemma. The other factor is that it will help with sticking to your budget. You know what you need and how much you plan on spending and that will surely speed things up. When choosing, get the ones that feel pleasant on you when you wear them, the other things are also important but this is the key. No matter what you choose, get an item that will make you happy and satisfied for a long time.

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