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How to buy a Scooter?

Are you sick and tired of the busy roads making you late for work/classes? Are you wishing that this overpopulation would just stop because of the busy roads polluting the environment with noise and air pollution? Then fret no more because the antidote for countering traffic has arrived. It has been on the streets for generations; nothing new about it. But the fact that it is still prevalent on the roads shows what great concept scooters are for bypassing the busy roads.

That’s right, I’m talking about those snazzy two-wheelers that are not only one of the most economical means of transport, but they are also great at countering huge lanes of traffic by skimming here and there until you reach your destination!

Safety is an issue when riding in the open, but when you take proper precautions riding a scooter, you have nothing to worry about!

So you go on down to buy the best scooter out there for yourself to counter the traffic, but the moment you see the first scooter for sale your head spins right round because there are about a thousand things to choose from and a million different variants of parts, composition, mileage, etc. For more details, you can visit Not everyone is an expert on scooters and with so many choices on your hands, what will you buy? How would you know which bike is best for you?

Well, you have stumbled upon the right place my friend, In this guide, I will help you in determining the best bike for you!

Here are some factors that need to be put into consideration when purchasing a scooter!

Is that a Scooter or a Motor Bike?

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Not all two-wheelers are scooters. When going out to buy a traffic combatant, you must know what it is you want. Scooters generally have an automatic transmission, more storage space, safe to drive, slow and come at a lower price. Scooters are generally a preferred ride for women because it is easy to use and does not require much maintenance, although scooters are not exclusively for females.

Motor Bikes are a bit different than scooters; they are heavier, come with a manual transmission, much more powerful and require regular maintenance. Motorbikes are faster and are less safe as compared to scooters.

If you wish for long rides and feeling the power of the revving engine, then you should go after a MotorBike; however, if you want an economical day-to-day ride with ease of use, spacious compartments and less fuel consumption and hassle; go for a scooter.


Buying a vehicle is no walk in the park, the primary consideration prior to buying a scooter is determining your budget for a scooter. If you have a tight budget, you can also opt for a used scooter by getting it examined by a trustworthy mechanic to ensure there are no faults in its working. Buying a vehicle is not a one-time payment only, you have to pay tax on it, maintain its engine and get it fueled up from time to time.

Depending on which scooter you buy, it might cost you more or less in maintenance. How? You may ask. Motor tax is based on the cc of its engine; if you buy a scooter with less cc, then you will pay reduced tax while also saving on fuel because the engine would be smaller and use less fuel while also lower the max speed you hit on your scooter.

Used scooters are very cheap as compared to buying new scooters, but if you aren’t careful in fully checking your used scooter, then it can lead you to buy a faulty scooter that would cost so much on repairs that you might be better off spending the same amount of money on a brand new one. Make sure also that you only buy from a trusted scooter brand and one known brand when it comes to producing top-performing electric scooters is Razor. Investing in a high-quality scooter charger on is also essential to ensure that you can get the best out of this high-performing electric scooter

For a first time rider, it is recommended to train themselves on a second-hand bike so that you can easily and economically make newbie mistakes on a used bike instead of ruining a newly bought expensive scooter.

It is to be noted that prior to buying a motor vehicle, one should always check if the documents are legitimate and that there is little to no expense required on it electrically and mechanically. Expenses on the exterior are usually affordable, but any problem with the engine can lead to a world of hurt on your pocket and your time.

One more thing to note is that the newer model motor vehicle’s insurance costs more than older models. Insurance is a necessary expense when taking out a motor vehicle on the road. So if you can afford proper maintenance and hefty insurance, then you should go for a newer brand new model. Otherwise, you should go for a less expensive mode by buying a used scooter with lesser costs in maintenance and insurance.

What type of Scooter to buy?

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There are a great many varieties of scooters on the market ready to be handpicked by you. Scooters are usually divided on the bases of engine piston displacement or the size of the engine usually measured in cubic centimeters. Scooters usually range from a minimum of 50cc to 250cc. They can be lower or greater than the mentioned ranges; however, these are the most popular.

The lower the cc, less will be the fuel consumption and also the top speed. Higher the cc; the scooter will use up more fuel but give you a greater boost while also reaching a greater top speed.

One more kind of environmentally friendly scooter has made its way into the market which effectively reflects what our century is all about. I’m talking about electric scooters that are cleaner, cheap and above all quieter than the rest of the petrol-ridden motor vehicles. They reach less top speed but they are very economical and environmentally friendly making them the future of scooter riding. The only downside of these is that they are costly to buy and run significantly slower than their petrol-powered counterparts.


Scooters are the most economical method of exploring around the city. They are economical and easy to maneuver, not to mention they are man’s best friend when trying to tackle huge lanes of traffic on a busy day!

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