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Breast Augmentation Sizes: Here Are Your Options

Many women feel that they should opt for breast augmentation due to the insecurity or humility they feel about the size and shape of their breasts. There are several breast augmentation options in Miami, Houston, and other American cities to consider. But besides that, they need to take other aspects into accounts, such as the diameter, which is also the width of the implant, the profile, content, surface texture, and the volume. To acquire the best results, it is important to consider the implant’s profile, size, and type as you consult with your plastic surgeon.

Breast Implant Type

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Although at one time, silicone implants were considered to be controversial, they are now perhaps the most popular choice for breast augmentation after newer versions have been reported to have several benefits attached to them. According to, saline implants come with a smaller incision and are usually filled with saltwater gel during surgery by the surgeon. Despite this, silicone implants look as well as feel like the natural breast tissue. This is the reason why most patients lean towards silicone breast implants.

Implant Dimensions

Not all breast augmentation sizes are equal. Round implants, for instance, are available in several shapes that can accommodate a variety of body types. Three types of measurements are crucial in understanding the shape of round implants. First off is the diameter, otherwise known as the width. Next is the implant’s profile, which measures the distance an implant extends to the chest wall. And lastly is the volume.

For a specific volume, low-profile implants have the least projection amount. In contrast, high-profile breast implants come with the most significant projection from a patient’s chest wall—implants of moderate profile project between low and high profile. The same can be said when considering the diameter of an implant. If the diameters of an implant are the same, then implants of low-profile will have the least projection and smallest of volumes, whereas those of high-profile will have the most projection and volume. The moderate profile lies between medium amount and projection.

Volume and Diameter

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The implant size is perhaps the most contributing factor when it comes to figuring out how implants can affect a woman’s appearance. According to, the implant size for many women is the hardest choice to factor in. When they’re thinking of sizes, they may change their minds a couple of times before coming to a final conclusion.

Sometimes, patients get confused between implant sizes and bra cup sizes, thinking they’re one and the same when they’re not. Implants are usually measured in volume, especially in millimeters or cubic centimeters. The more millimeters or CC’s there are in an implant, the bigger it will be, and the more outwardly the projection will be. The implant sizes usually range from 200 ccs to 800cc, with one cc being equivalent to 1 ml.

An implant’s diameter can also affect its projection. For example, let’s try comparing two implants of 400 CCs that come with different diameters. Although they may have the same amount of volume, they’re not exactly equal in shape. The breast implant with a wider diameter will appear flattered and have a less outward projection than the one with a narrower diameter.

There are three ways to help you figure out the size of your implant for potential breast augmentation surgery. These include:

How To Determine Your Breast Implant Size

1.  The Rice Test

The rice test is regarded as perhaps the most common method to determine a woman’s breast implant size. To do this test, you’ll need to grab an old pair of pantyhose and cut a strip of 12” (without using the foot part). Now, take a batch of uncooked rice to fill in the pantyhose with, ensuring it measures up to your desired size. Then tie the top end off. This needs to be done twice for each bra cup.

2. The Water Test

The water test enables you to take measurements for the size of your implant by using water poured from a measuring cup and a plastic baggy.

For any of these methods, you’ll have to sample different kinds of dresses and tops over your new “breasts” to get an idea about how you’re going to look.

3. Go to the Hospital

The previous two steps could easily be performed from the comfort of your own home, but if you really want the best results, then it’s best to go straight to your physician for a proper sizing session. That’s because your plastic surgeon will be right there with you and answer any questions that you may have about your potential operation. Just be sure to bring a couple of bras with you in the desired sizes you want so there’ll be enough room for the sizers.

Some plastic surgeons help out their patients by using computer imaging technology. First, the surgeons will take pictures of your breasts and will then show what you look like in some implant sizes through a program called VECTRA. Even though it’s a simulation of what you may look in your new look, it’s not exactly an accurate representation of the actual results.

Know Your Limits

Sometimes, women undergo a revision for their first breast augmentation surgery and one of the main reasons for this is because of sizing. Some wish that they had opted for smaller breasts whereas most patients want breasts that are bigger. You can try one thing, as soon as you find an implant size you like, be sure to one size it up to make sure the final results are exactly what you’re looking for. Not only will this get rid of any doubts you may have had, but also avoid having to do a revision surgery to make your breasts bigger later on.

What’s more is that you shouldn’t be opting for a breast size that you see on movies, television, social media, or anywhere else on the internet. Their body types are different from that of your own. That’s why you should only pick a size that accurately matches your lifestyle, body type, and personality. And don’t base your potential looks on your friend either because she has a different body than yours and her breast size might end up looking very unattractive on your chest.


In the end, there are several breast augmentation sizes and shapes available, but you need to do proper research and testing before you decide to go with one over the other.

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