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Birthday Gift Ideas That Never Go Out of Style

There is no doubt that shopping for birthday gifts is not as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, depending on the person you are shopping for, it becomes a challenge. Likes and dislikes come into play along with your budget. You don’t want to spend too little nor do you want to spend too much. Then there’s the whole problem of what sort of item to get.

Well, as it turns out, there are many gift ideas out there that are considered timeless. These are gifts that will never go out of style and that is usually a safe category to spend time looking for the perfect birthday gift. To give you some help, we have compiled and listed below several gifts that we consider good choices as they will never go out of style. If you’re looking for more unique gifts, you can find them here.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

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The classic aviator-style of sunglasses that are iconic today were originally released by Ray-Ban in 1937. They have never gone out of style and for the guy on your birthday gift list, you can’t miss a pair of these. Not only will they be worn regularly, but they may also cause that person to update the rest of their clothing style to match. What we are saying here is this gift is much more than a groovy pair of shades – they can define someone’s style in a glance.

Timex Weekender Chronograph

Speaking of style, timeless gifts can also be something that tracks time and is worn on the wrist. This classic-looking Timex Weekender Chronograph is all of that and more. Have someone on your birthday list who is horrible at managing time or always shows up to things late? Well, we’re not saying this watch will fix those habits, but it sure will make them look a lot better when time is of the essence.

Karin Masamoto Virgin Carbon Steel Gyutou 8.2-Inch Chef’s Knife

For the foodie on your birthday list, you could go the direction of a kitchen gadget, but if timeless is what you are after, you can’t ignore the message you’ll be sending with this incredible blade. It will become one of the most essential tools in his or her kitchen for a variety of tasks. The carbon steel blade is sharp. Not just good-for-cutting-stuff-up sharp but scary sharp and will remain so for a very, very long time. This gift is sure to make an impression.

AudioEngine HDP6 Passive Bookshelf Speakers

In the study, the boardroom, entertainment center, or home office, this gift of AudioEngine Bookshelf Speakers will help to crank up the volume and fill any room full of sound. Plus, they also look great because they don’t take up much room. You can stash them on a bookshelf – you know, right next to your top ten books to be read someday soon—but be prepared for their powerful sound. You know this gift will get used.

Pro-Ject Debut III Turntable

Although vinyl is trending back to the mainstream, for a lot of music fans, it never disappeared. If you have a friend on your birthday list who is a collector of records, nothing will get their attention quite like this turntable. It’s a good one for newbies and seasoned audiophiles alike as it features a high-performance Ortolan cartridge and a balanced tonearm. If you are a vinyl nut, you’ll get why that is important and why this makes such a great birthday gift.


Yes, socks are a timeless gift. But we’re not talking about your basic earth tones here. Socks are available in countless vibrant and bold colors, patterns, designs, and even have graphics on them. What makes socks so cool is that they are a fashion statement so, in a way, you can go as wild and outlandish as you like. Depending on the setting, of course. No Cold Feet’s guide has some helpful tips for picking out birthday socks.

Dachstein Boiled Wool Extreme Warm Mitts

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Since we’re talking about clothing at the moment, one more great birthday gift idea that will not spend time sitting in a closet under other clothes is these stunning Dachstein Boiled Wool Extreme Warm Mitts. As the name suggests, these are the mitts that will be worn on those extremely chilly days when no one should be attempting to weather the elements. Made from 100% Austrian wool, and tightly-knit, these are virtually waterproof wool mitts.

Macallan Double Cask 12 Year Single Malt

We added this onto our timeless birthday gift list simply because there are times when a 12-year-old bottle of scotch is one of the best gifts you can give. This is especially true if the person you are shopping for happens to be hitting a milestone birthday, like their 30th or 50th, or happens to be celebrating a little more than a birthday. You know, maybe a promotion at work, a wedding, the birth of a child or grandchild. The list is unlimited.

Critical Cycles Beaumont 7-Speed Step-Thru City Bike

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Perfect for the office commuter on your birthday list, this smooth ride will get them where they have to be with ease. Designed to promote a comfortable upright posture with a cushy seat, the sturdy step-thru frame makes getting on and getting off far too easy. It also helps with wardrobe selection when you know you can just step-thru. In other words, no stress and no pants getting ripped as you rush to get to that important board meeting.

In Conclusion

Timeless gifts are those that not only never go out of style but are used by the person you give them to. The list above is by no means complete and is purely intended to give you some ideas of what sorts of birthday gift ideas are out there that would be considered timeless. So, for the next birthday, you have to shop for, be sure to have a clear understanding of the types of things the birthday boy (or girl) likes and use that as your foundation. Once you set a budget, you will be able to shop with confidence and find the perfect birthday gift.

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