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Chris Watts Bio, Family`s Murder, Mistress, Confessions, Arrest and Charges

Christopher  Lee Watts is a Colorado man, a Western state in the US. He was born on May 16, 1985, in North Carolina. Chris got married to Shan’ann Cathryn Rzucek ( was born on May 16, 1985) on November 3rd, 2012. She later became known as Shan’ann Watts after their marriage. He gave birth to two daughters by name Belle Marie born on December 17, 2013, and Celeste Cathryn Watts born on July 17, 2015. Chris and his family stayed in a five-bedroom flat in Federick, Colorado which they bought in 2013, they had formerly lived in North Carolina, USA. Chris Watts was working at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation as an operator, and his annual salary was about 61,500 dollar, he got employed early in the year 2018. Chris Watt, by ethnicity, is White Caucasian while he is a Christian by religion. Chris Watts’s net worth was approximately $255,000 US Dollars as of 2018. In 2015, he and his wife filed for bankruptcy. Chris Watts is famous for killing his pregnant wife, Shan’ann( who was fifteen weeks pregnant and due by January 2019), and his two daughters,  Celeste and Bella.

Chris Watts Family’s Murder

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In the early hours of August 13, 2018, Shan’ann got back home after a business trip, after being dropped off by her friend and colleague Nickole Utoft Atkinson. Shan’ann got into a heated argument that morning with her husband, Chris after he confessed to being involved in an affair and wanted a divorce. Shan’ann at that time was 15 weeks pregnant with their son, whom they planned to name Niko Lee Watts. She threatened him that if he divorced her he would never get to see his daughters again which provoked him and made him strangle her to death.

Chris’s daughter Bella who was four then was reported to have walked in into the scene and asked her father what he was doing to her mum, which he told her that he wanted to carry her mother to the hospital because she was sick. Chris then proceeded to take her and her sister Celeste together with their mother and took them to his workplace, Anadarko Petroleum, in a remote oil field.

Once he got there, he covered Celeste’s nose and mouth, and she suffocated to death with her blanket and pushed her body down into an oil tank and proceeded to Bella, who saw him choking her sister. It reported that she begged her father not to do to her what he did to Celeste, but he still strangled his daughter and pushed her body down into another oil tank. Chris also then buried his wife in a shallow grave on his company’s property.

Chris Watts Mistress

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Chris Watts mistress is known as Nichol Kessinger; she is 30years and spoke about their affair in November 2018. She admitted that she and Chris were having an affair and said that Chris told her he was in the final stages of a divorce with his wife when they met and was finalizing finance details with his wife. They had been seeing each other for two months before Chris decided to murder his family to be with Nichol. She admitted to being tricked by Chris that he was a good father and was finalizing a divorce. When his mistress got the news of his wife and daughters missing, she claimed to have started asking Chris questions, which she thought he was lying from the answers he gave to her. She noticed he was casual about their disappearance and didn’t show any emotions, which made her suspicious.  She then proceeded to call the police and inform them and fully cooperated with them.

According to Chris Watts, he said he was too obsessed with his mistress and that was what led him into murdering his pregnant wife and daughters.

Chris Watts Confessions, Arrest and Charges

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The next day, Shan’ann missed various appointments and didn’t return any text message sent by her friend and colleague Nickole. Nicole went to her house, and the doorbells and knocks went unanswered, out of concern she called Chris and also called the local police and reported that Shan’ann and her daughters were missing. Chris denied having known where his wife was but admitted to having marital issues.

The FBI and Colorado Bureau of Investigation also joined in the search and investigation the next day being August 14. That day Chris gave an interview outside of his home, pleading for his wife’s and daughter’s return.

Chris got arrested on August 15, 2018, after failing a lie detector test known as a polygraph test, via , he then began to confess to killing his wife. During investigation Chris Watts ascertained that it was his wife who strangled their children after he told her was going to file for a divorce; then out of anger he strangled her and took the bodies to an oil tank in his workplace. He was laid off work on the same day of his arrest by his company.

When further investigations were made, Chris pleaded guilty to the murder of his wife and daughter and admitted to strangling his wife and smothering his daughters on November 6. He was charged for five counts of first-degree murder plus an additional one count because the children were not up to 12 years of age, unlawful termination of a pregnancy, and three counts for trying to hide the deceased human bodies. He was sentenced to five life sentences and extra 48 years for terminating his wife’s pregnancy in an unlawful manner and 36 years more for three charges of tampering with dead bodies.

On December 3, 2018, he was moved to another location because of security reasons. On the 5th of December 2018, he got to Dodge Correctional Institution, a prison with very high security to continue serving his life imprisonment there.

On September 1, 2018, Shan’ann’s family conducted a burial service for Shan’ann and her two daughters in a catholic church. So many people came to pay their respect, and Chris Watt was not mentioned at all at that funeral service.

Chris spoke to the press, saying he was remorseful about what had happened, and he had also found God.

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