Why Is Biker Jewelry So Popular Among Rockstars?

This season, the rockstar image is in trend again. A good leather jacket, T-shirts with unusual prints, interesting footwear, but also authentic jewelry are what you will first notice on people who nurture this image. And did you know that jewelry that is so popular in rock culture actually comes from biker fashion? We will try to reveal some fashion rock details and come to the answer to the question: Why is biker jewelry so popular among rockstars?

Rock Style Is Always In Fashion


Powerful and unique, the rock style this season is the absolute leader in the world of fashion. This style has been relevant in the fashion scene for several decades. Yet, from season to season, it continues to pleasantly surprise us, bringing us new pieces of clothing, footwear, or jewelry – but also new possibilities of combining them. Although the name rock-style comes from the music genre of the same name – today the rock style is worn by all fashion lovers, regardless of musical preferences. If we were to analyze things, we could even say that the rock style has “borrowed” a lot of things from other styles and subcultures. Jewelry is definitely one of those things.

How Did Biker Fashion Get Among The Rockers?

Speaking about biker fashion, images that we have on our mind are usually leather jackets and big cool silver rings. Each element of the biker style has a modern and masculine look. Therefore, it is not surprising that rockers have adopted this style and many of them promote it even on the red carpet. One of such stars is the famous actor Johnny Depp, who, although he is a Hollywood star, doesn’t run away from his other loves, which are rock music, motorcycles, and the image of a rebellious guy.

Johnny Depp And His Jewelry Style

Famous Hollywood star Johnny Depp is additionally known for the adornments and jewelry he wears. Different accessories and rings are a piece of his style. However, one ring particularly stands out when we speak about Depp’s image and appearance. It is the famous Death-Is-Certain Club ring. This ring is formed like a skull and has a fairly rectangular outline. The skull is enhanced with two red gems instead of eyes, while the rest is embellished with crystals. This ring was handmade at the famous jewelry shop C’est Magnifique during the 1990s. Besides Depp’s, three more such rings belong to other members of this club – rock musician Iggy Pop, Jim Jarmusch, the movie director – and to Jonathan Shaw who is a tattoo master. They are all Johnny Depp’s friends.

The Popularity Of Biker Jewelry In Rockers

After the birth of biker fashion and its popularization, many including rockers gained their view of this cool look. For rockers, practicality was not a priority, and so pieces of clothing like leather jackets were widely accepted. When it comes to jewelry, rockers reluctantly accepted it and it soon began to acquire personality elements. So it is today, and fans of rock culture, bikers, but also those who follow street fashion – are looking for good pieces of jewelry that will give authenticity to their appearance. Today, fortunately, you can find such jewelry in many places, such as this website – but also in specialized jewelry stores that produce and sell jewelry made of silver or surgical steel. Although this jewelry is common today, it used to be not so.

Elvis Presley was the first rocker to wear a black jacket and rings for his performance. Many other rockers followed his lead. In the mid-70s, the Ramones were seen on stage fully dressed in jackets, with chains, but also jewelry typical in biker culture. Rockers, metalheads, and even pop singers also enjoyed this fashion trend. At the beginning of the 70s and ’80s, Kiss, Sex Pistols, Debbie Harry, Metallica – and even Madonna and George Michael wore leather clothing and bulky rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Biker Bracelets And Rings


Biker bracelets are also a piece of jewelry that used to be more practical than modern. The riders wore wide leather gears around their wrists and arms that performed a double mission. First of all, they made it possible to reduce the fatigue in the joints that appeared after continuous holding on the handles. Second, they provided some protection from scratches and bruises if the rider fell out of the saddle. Over time, the size of these leather armor decreased, they took on decorative elements and eventually turned into bracelets. It was similar to rings, which today have taken on the cult part of the image not only of bikers – but also rockstars and many others. The most common shape for rings today is the skull. We can say that movies and television played a huge role in popularizing the skull among bikers. During the ’70s, films about reckless men on motorcycles were very popular. They were both heroes and rebels at the same time.

Necklaces And Pendants

Today, rock stars such as Steven Tyler, and many others – wear very interesting necklaces that owe their look to biker pop culture and fashion. Thin pendant necklaces are especially popular today because they are discreet, and at the same time express your attitude or send a certain message. Also, these necklaces look very masculine and can be made of different materials. However, the most popular options are silver, steel, or leather ribbon. Leather models are worn over clothing – although for a more formal look you can easily hide them under a shirt. Pendants are most often chosen based on the look of the necklace itself.

The Bottom Line

Today, we can hardly see a passionate rocker who doesn’t wear these fashion accessories. Various necklaces, massive rings, and leather bracelets have become an indispensable part of their appearance. Whether they are rock lovers or rock musicians – each of them has their own style of jewelry that sends a message to people around them. What you may not have known is that they owe much of their image to bikers. One of the best things about this type of jewelry is that it easily migrates from the stage to street fashion. Therefore, if you are also a rocker at heart, you can find plenty of options.

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