5 Tips For Choosing A Good Bigcommerce Developer Agency – 2024 Guide

Online sales are still a fast-growing industry that is expanding remarkably. It is very popular to have your online store and sell products online. Ecommerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, offer a fast and affordable way to build an eCommerce website. Although some believe that they can do it alone and without the help of a Web designer – the reality is not quite like that. Therefore, in 2024, developing agencies are a necessity, not a luxury. But how to choose a good BigCommerce developer agency? Here are some tips.

What Is BigCommerce?


BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that helps small and medium companies to sell even more of their products online. It is a unique, all-in-one marketing and e-Commerce platform with good search engine optimization (SEO) – and with very simple tools for creating beautiful online stores. BigCommerce offers users more than 100 built-in marketing tools with support for mobile platforms – as well as a large number of integrations with third-party platforms that make selling on iPhone, Facebook, and eBay much safer. Also, BigCommerce has already exceeded $ 1 billion in eCommerce transactions – so you can count on the security and reliability of this online sales platform. However, if you thought that creating a good BigCommerce store is so simple that you can do it yourself – you might want to think again.

Who Is BigCommerce For?


Anyone who wants to start an online store can get involved. It doesn’t matter the industry you’re in. This platform has solutions for almost everyone, no matter what you sell. If you already have a physical location and want to expand to online services – you will get a lot of benefits from BigCommerce. If you already have an online store and want to switch to BigCommerce – that works too. They have simplified the transfer process so you can easily get up and running. If you have no experience building websites, you will find Bigcommerce particularly useful. They focused on opportunities on newcomers – and increased the ease of use factor for accommodation. Yet the help of BigCommerce developer agencies is still more than needed. How to choose the right one? Here are some answers

Tips For Choosing A Good Bigcommerce Developer Agency

In the eCommerce industry, you can find numerous developer agencies that will help you do the job within eCommerce as successfully and professionally as possible. This is very important primarily because of your interaction with customers, but also the practical functioning of your business. However, many users of the BigCommerce platform naively believe that they can do everything themselves. It doesn’t work that way in practice. Marketing, sales, and programming development require the engagement of professional developers and agencies. Here are some tips.

1. Professionals Make Your Web Showcase Look More Attractive


Developing eCommerce is a very complex job – and not everyone can do it. Especially if your goal is a serious eShop and building reputation among customers. Therefore, you have to keep in mind almost everything. From solutions that consider the design of your eCommerce, through the way of providing payment, delivery, and other things necessary in this business. When it comes to website design, you have the option to do it through the templates offered by the BigCommerce platform. Still, there are very few of them – and many would say that they cannot adequately represent your business online in all situations. Therefore, the help of web developers is crucial. If your web-store looks nice – the chances are higher that potential customers will stay longer online, browsing your website. Therefore, the chances for the realization of business and transactions are far greater.

2. A developer agency will help you define your requirements more easily


Very often when we make our eCommerce presentation we know what we don’t want. However, we are not always sure what we DO want. Sometimes this confusion drags us to the unwanted direction – or we waste a lot of time defining our own goals. Therefore, the help of a good developer agency is crucial – because these people are primarily digital marketing experts. A good agency will offer you certain solutions. Moreover, following your directions, experts will make a list of your requirements as a client – and the way you want things to be structured. Even if you are not sure how to develop your website according to your wishes – these experts will help you with that job.

3. Evaluate developer’s experience


Of course, before hiring a BigCommerce development agency – you need to be sure of their quality of work and experience in this business. It is always recommended that you rely on the experiences of people from your environment – and if you can’t, try to look at the reviews and experiences of people online. According to Optimum 7, you will find that reputable development agencies have long-term contracts with the BigCommerce platform. When you start business negotiations with the agency – you will see what and how much experience the developers have. If you don’t have such an opportunity or decide to hire a freelancer – then make sure you find out as much as possible about his experience in this field, as well as whether the individual has ever done this kind of work and for whom.

4. A reliable developer agency will dedicate time to you


No job can be done in a hurry. Especially when it comes to digital sales and digital marketing. That’s why a reliable developer agency will ask you to state all your requirements – and then you will hear what the developers themselves think about it. Their suggestions are invaluable because they have been in this business for a long time – and they certainly know this market better than those who are just starting. Sometimes what the client is looking for – is not feasible. Sometimes such requests are feasible, but they are not good for the client. Therefore, it is necessary to spend a lot of time and solve problems together – or even consult with several developers dealing with BigCommerce platforms. Keep in mind that two heads are always smarter than one.

5. Reliable agencies involve concluding and signing contracts


Although we think this is a known fact – we are very often inclined to overlook it. For example, through the engagement of platforms for freelancers – the platform itself is an intermediary in the business. Very often we do not devote enough time to reading the rights and obligations of using the freelance hiring platform. On the other hand, even when we sign contracts, we very often make certain oversights. When signing a contract with a development agency – you need to take care of certain items. For example, the contract should state that it is valid only if you receive an acceptable solution. Then, you must protect yourself by stating in the contract that you, as the client who pays for the service are the owner of the name of the hosting, website – or template for which you paid the agency money. You need to take into account all possible ambiguities within the contract itself – and only if you are sure, make a deal.

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