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Best Tips on Maximizing Your Sleep Environment in 2024

Think of a time when you got the best sleep of your life. Was it at a fancy hotel, or at that friend’s place who has a guest bedroom to die for? Maybe it was your bedroom two houses ago because that particular room caught the perfect sunlight and was nice and quiet.

The thing is, better sleep should never be neglected. The rest should get even better. The reason is, as we age, our body needs extra support, and our mind needs more in-depth, and rejuvenating rest.

If there is one thing that all memories of amazing sleep have in common, it’s always that the Bedroom furniture look and feel less beautiful. It is tough to sleep better when your bedroom is uncomfortable, cluttered, smells terrible, or if you simply don’t like it.

Before you go and spend hours on Pinterest searching for bedroom decor ideas, it’s helpful to know the bedroom design essentials that benefit healthy sleep.

To set up a bedroom that looks good, feels good, and helps you sleep well, ensure you consider the following (preferably in this order).

Your Mattress

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We spend over one-third of our lives in bed. That is why your mattress is the most crucial part of your room. For most people, buying a new mattress is a huge decision that can be put on the backburner due to the time it takes and the investment. Nowadays, you can buy a new award-winning mattress online in minutes, and you can get a great discount in the process.

When buying a new mattress online, you can compare many different options. After your research, you will likely discover a memory foam mattress is a trendy choice for all types of sleepers. According to, sleeping on a memory foam mattress is a great option to achieve deep and relaxing sleep. Unlike spring mattresses, memory foam can conform to the body and minimize strain on pressure points.

Upgrading to a memory foam mattress is the perfect way to start creating the best bedroom for better sleep. They are supportive, extremely comfortable, and have excellent motion isolation. That means that if your partner moves around in the night, you won’t feel the movement.

Plus, memory foam is known to be one of the best materials for airflow. Whether it’s hot or cold, your body temperature won’t regularly fluctuate. This stability helps create deep and consistent sleep.

Bedroom Furniture

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Once you ensure you have the best mattress possible, the next essential consideration for your bedroom should be your furniture. The best bedroom designs have very well thought out furniture layouts. If you are wondering how to select the best bedroom furniture for your room, think about these three things:

How much storage do you need?

Work out how much space you have to work with (keep in mind your mattress size)
Research the style you are going for and write it down as a reminder (maybe you want a modern design, or minimalist bedroom design, or a trendy industrial bedroom)

When you know how much storage space you need, how much floor space you have, and the desired look you want to achieve, shopping for bedroom furniture is easy and fun.

It can be helpful to think about the function as well to create the best sleep environment. When it comes to your bed frame, you have many options that can optimize your sleep.

Many people consider an Adjustable bed frame as the best bed frame for a customizable sleep experience. Most adjustable bed frames come with a wireless remote and the ability to adjust the height of the back and leg areas. Elevating the legs is proven to help relieve pressure from the back and assist with creating a more comfortable sleep. Adjustable bed frames are also luxurious, adding an element of sleek style to your favorite room in the house.

It’s best to select your bed frame first, then match other furniture with it. Bedside tables, dressing tables, and a chair or couch (depending on the size of your room) are great partners for the perfect mattress and base.

Bedroom Colors

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Firstly, colors like purple, red, and brown should never be considered as a good option if you want to create a healthy bedroom environment. If your room has any of the mentioned colors, grab a paintbrush now! A study into the best bedroom colors reveals that color plays an essential role in helping create a mood for sleep.

Bedroom Ambiance

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You first need to realize that your bedroom is not your office or gym. Once the realization dawn on you, you need to identify elements that don’t belong there. For example, you need to get rid of the treadmill, computer desk from your bedroom as they lead to distraction and make it hard for you to get a good night’s sleep. Always make sure that you have ditched the TV because it belongs to the living room. For more great decorating tips you can visit Hollywood Mirrors website.

Your brain will start processing weird things if you use things like TV, or any other electronic gadgets to keep yourself occupied most of the time. For example, if you follow all the official papers in your bedroom, it can make you feel anxious all the time, even when you are trying to relax. Our mind works in mysterious ways, and it can easily associate office objects with anxiety and tension even when you are not working.

Getting rid of TV can work wonders in getting a good night’s sleep. If you watch TV right before going to bed, it will influence your sleeping pattern. If the TV episode that you have just watched before going to bed is too addictive, you might get sucked into it, and it will take some time for your mind to process the thoughts and calm itself down before allowing you to fall asleep.

Moreover, as most of us are aware, TV does emit blue light that not only causes eye damage when watched for long hours, but it also interferes with our sleeping pattern. Blue light tricks the body into slowing down the production of melatonin and thus makes it work harder to keep itself awake.

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