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Best Sneakers for Running

There has been over the years an increase in the awareness of the benefits of a healthy and active life. For most people running is a discipline of choice, due to the fact that it can be done anytime, without anyone and you are the one dictating your own pace. First, and foremost, it is very important to choose proper exercise gear. Poor choice of the garment can lead to back and knee pain, increase chances of injuries and overall low performance. Luckily, there are researchers who dealt with this issue and have conducted research on sneakers which can increase your performance in the long run.

Before picking up the pair of sneakers for running be sure you know what you are looking for. The ones that are light when you pick them up are more likely to give sensation you are moving faster; these types are good in the short run, but longer you are planning to run, more heavy shoes are in order.

When it comes to the distance of your foot from the floor, choose the ones that feel the most comfortable. If you have a strong step and use your heel as an anchor while walking and running use the ones that have a high heel. If your weight is mostly distributed to your toes, use a shoe that has a lower heel.

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Last but not least are the cushions, they provide the support and protect your foot from being hurt during practice.

  1. Cushioned and elevated from the floor, Asics Gel Excite 6, are highly rated by the runners. They are light, cushioned and elevated from the floor making them excellent for medium long runs.
  2. Adidas Ultraboost 19 are made from light, aero material allowing your foot to breathe during runs. If you have feet that are very fast to feel warm and on fire, while running, these are the sneakers for you. The aerodynamic shape of this shoe makes sure your foot is well supported, elevated from the ground and protected during runs.
  3. Another variation is Adidas Adizero Adios 4; this one has a very slim heel, and it lays your foot very close to the ground making sure you have a higher level of control during the run. Breathable material allows aeration during the run, reducing perspiration to the minimum.
  4. Nike is probably an old-time favorite brand when it comes to sportswear. Nike Epic React Flykint 2 is light and airy, but provides structural support to the whole foot, especially the heel.
  5. Another user’s choice is certainly Under Armour and their HOVR Sonic 2 sneaker. These are well rated and are one of the preferred sneakers due to specific cushioning, material that allows the foot to aeriated during exercise, not too thick sole with additional amortization.
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These were sneakers that are light and have straight sole. These are great for the gym and track running. It is interesting that more and more females are being enrolled in running. The research conducted by states that not only more females are running but that they are in fact faster than male runners. If you would like to know more about the research, be free to check out their website.

If you are an outdoorsy person, and you like to spend time in nature your sneaker choice will be a bit different than the ones for the gym. In nature different terrain can lead to injury, low performance and higher impact on your foot so a good pair of sneakers is crucial.

For this type of run pick gear that provides support to the foot, has a sole that is firm yet flexible, provides better grip on the surface you are sunning and has dents to provide more friction. Here are some suggestions.

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  1. Solomon Sense Ride 2 is a perfect example of aerated and well-supported shoes. It is made of a material that allows perfect thermoregulation, yet strong enough to prevent any damage. Sole is firm with an elevated heel, pleated and provides firm drip to the ground.
  2. Other runners’ favorite is Asics Gel Nimbus 21. With elevated from the ground you will not feel small rocks and landscape, but you will be supported for a long and durable run without any fear of injury. Light material allows good ventilation while additional stripes add to the safety of your feet.
  3. There are few models of Hoca shoes, and you will not make a mistake by choosing any of them; whether you pick Speedgoat, Clifton or Challenger be sure you will be well equipped for outdoor activities and pleasant run through the woods.
  4. Nike is also active in this field and for lighter terrain, you can pick Air Zoom Pegasus. These aerodynamic and light sneakers provide good support and grip to the ground, with indentations on the sole.
  5. If you want to stay true to the brand, Under Armour has a vast variety of shoes that can meet your needs. A runner favorite is HOVR Infinite, with a sole made to adapt to the runner and the ground on which running is happening. They are made from a material that allows the airflow around the foot, but also provides stability to the whole body and more secure practice.
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If you choose running as a form of exercise be sure to pick your sportswear smart. Think of where you will run if you will be in the gym or outside. If you are going to combine these two depending on the weather, you’ll need more than one pair of sneakers o accommodate your needs. When choosing outdoor run to be sure to accommodate footwear to the conditions on the road; if the road is slippery choose sneakers which will provide more grip to the ground and more friction rather the ones that are very slim and smooth since they will increase the chances of sliding which further on can lead to injury. It can be overwhelming to pick and choose from all the available models, but if you know what you need them for you will for sure find your match. You can check Stadium Goods for their footwear offer.

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