Top 8 Best Smallest Portable Generators that You Need

Portable generators come in different shapes and sizes. And you can find the one that suits your need; Whether you are camping, having outdoor recreational activities, or need to keep your home powered, you can find a portable generator to power your devices and stay connected. What, then, are the best brands in the market? Follow through as we dive further into this subject.

Anytime, anywhere, you can be connected to a power source. Whether you need to continuously power your home or a job site, live in an area with extreme weather conditions, etc., it’s a perfect idea to have a backup power source.

A portable generator is a reliable power source that is easy to use, offers consistent power, and performs no matter the job; battery packs are another power source. However, a custom-built battery pack can only be swapped in and out of a device for which it was explicitly built, but a portable generator provides electricity for many small devices and appliances like smartphones, television sets, lights, refrigerators, etc., at the same time.

Why Do I Need A Portable Generator?

One slight problem with a standby generator is its size; another is the cost. Standby generators are not only bigger and more powerful, but they also tend to be more expensive. Although some people won’t mind this, others will choose a more portable option that is perfect for traveling, camping, or emergencies due to its portability and other multiple features.

Best Portable Generators You Need

Below is a list of the smallest portable generators you can trust for your business and personal use.

1. Yamaha EF1000iS Portable Power Inverter Generator

The Yamaha EF1000iS power generator features 2x 120V 15A 5-15R receptacles and one 12V 8A DC receptacle. Its fuel tank capacity is 0.66gal (2.5 liters), which is best for 11.9h at 25% load, meaning 225 watts for about 12 hours on a single fuel tank.

Yamaha portable inverter has a low oil alert system and an overload protection system to protect the unit.

It comes with a 2-year commercial and 3-year residential warranty; and has a deficient noise level.

2. Marbero Portable Power Generator

Marbero portable power generator is an excellent option that keeps you from breaking the bank because it is budget-friendly. Not understating the fact that it’s cheap, this generator is packed with unique features that make it one of the best.

It has more than 6 different output options, such as USB, DC ports, and prong. This generator is also environmentally friendly because it doesn’t run on fuel but is battery-powered. Also, its built-in LED flashlight comes in handy and is best during an emergency.

3. Honda EU2200i

Honda EU2200i is one of the best, lightest, quietest, and most powerful 2,200-watt generators in the market. It’s easy to use and surpasses its estimated capacities, powering heavy appliances and tools. The Honda EU2200i has a distinguishing feature: its engine is larger than other generator types.

Additionally, you can monitor the power output via a Bluetooth-connected app. This feature is most useful during a storm which helps you maximize the generator’s operation from affecting your home.

4. Ryobi RYi2322VNM


Are you considering a portable power generator with a small engine yet able to power heavy appliances like heat pumps, laundry treatment appliances, Silverson homogenizers, etc., at a reasonable fuel price? Ryobi RYi2322VNM Bluetooth inverter generator is best.

The Ryobi has a convenient, user-friendly interface. Also, its Bluetooth app is easy to use; it tracks power usage and shows the fuel level at any given time and the estimated time remaining while the generator is still running.

5. FlashFish Portable Power Station


FlashFish portable power generator charges devices below 200 watts. It’s reliable to charge your CPAP machine and portable enough to travel with, having a conveniently placed soft handle and a weight of like 4.07Ibs.

FlashFish portable power station is made with a rechargeable lithium battery pack and is compatible with a 15-24 volt solar panel. The portable power station is one of the most affordable options, with a multifunctional LCD that shows you when to charge it. Also, it has multiple safety features, such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheating, to protect your device and you.

6. TogoPower GG1000 portable generator

TogoPower GG1000 portable generator is one of the most affordable alternative power sources and comes with a 1-year warranty. It is powered by a 63cc two-stroke engine that provides 800 running watts and 1000 starting watts.

The fuel tank occupies 1.05 gal (4 liters) and can operate for 6 hours at 50% load. TogoPower GG1000 portable generator has a circuit breaker that pops out when the unit is overloaded to protect it from possible damage.

7. Generac GP2200i

Generac GP2200i is one of the smallest portable generators manufactured by Generac and one of the company’s best inverter generators. It has a long service life and can work over 7 hours even when half full. This is because it has a larger fuel tank and holds 1.2 liters of gas. It provides the most steady power back that you crave.

8. Rockpals Portable Generator

Rockpals portable generator has been upgraded to a 250-watt AC, USB, and 12-volt output generator, making it one of the best for your devices. This generator can charge several devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, fans, lighting, etc.

It is a reliable and best option because it can be recharged via three different methods, and you may never have to worry about power failure. You can charge via solar, charge the battery for about 8 hours using a wall wallet, or charge it with your car’s 12-volt socket.


We hope this article addresses your concern about finding the best smallest portable generator for your business. Some of these models are affordable and trustworthy. You can do further research and select what’s suitable for you.

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