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Best Online Tools You Should Keep Handy

This is the digital era that we are living in, and thus everything around us has a touch of digital. Including our work files and study materials. How often have we heard terms such as ‘PDF,’ ‘Word File’ or ‘PPT’? We have lost count, haven’t we?

Therefore, in this era where people see fewer papers and more e-files and chaotic times where unarranged files and documents can block storage on your device, you must look at this guide of helpful online tools that make your life easier, faster, and more efficient. Let’s get started!

Online Converters

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One of the handiest tools would easily be online converters. It’s not always that you get the right format supported by your device when downloading different files like a video, image or document from the internet. This is when online converters come in handy. Several sites offer you the option of converting e-files from one format to another, for example, PDF to Word, video to audio, PPT to PDF, and so on. They provide various combinations of conversions that are fast and easy to perform.

Also, you get additional options such as downloading the converted files immediately or having them emailed to you for downloading later. Some sites even offer you the option of uploading your files to your cloud storage.

Grammar Checker

Online grammar checkers are always a lifesaver, especially if you are a non-technical person or a non-writer. No matter what kind of document or write-up you have, a quick scan with one of these online tools will give you grammatically accurate documents. They are quick, efficient, and smart. A grammar checker finds every sentence and checks it for any errors in the spelling, tense, word order, etc.

Numerous sites offer online grammar checkers for your convenience. Some sites even provide additional services, such as setting particular goals and objectives. This refines your checking to your suitability. While grammar checkers can make your text error-free and precise, regular use of grammar checker tools also allow you to improve your knowledge of the English language.

PDF Editors

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PDFs are one of the most common documents used in today’s time, and rightly so. They are easily accessible on all devices and are convenient for all purposes. But the only short-coming of PDFs is that it cannot be edited easily.

This is where PDF editors like come in. These online tools are simple to use and are also available for free. These allow you to edit your PDFs without converting them to another editable format. You can correct, insert, or delete text, change font color and style, add hyperlinks and bookmarks, and even highlight, underline or mark the text. PDF editors are quick, easy to use, and can be accessed anywhere. All you need is an internet connection, and you are good to go.

Online Scanners

Whether you run a business or work at a law firm, you are probably searching for ways to become more organized and efficient. Another very useful online tool is an online scanner. How often have you come across the need to scan a document for online purposes? Instead of running to your nearest Internet Cafes, you can get them done right where you are.

Online scanners, too, are one of the most readily available tools and can be accessed without any trouble. They are easy to use and have additional features that make your scanning experience better. While the scanned information is more secure online, it can also free up a lot of space in your cabinets. Also, if you are an environmentally conscious person, storing your documents online can reduce paper production.

Plagiarism checker

Lastly, the much-needed tool for all students and content writers– plagiarism checker is another handy tool to keep by your side. This tool is convenient for students, professors, and office-goers alike. Plagiarism checkers help you check your document or piece of writing to see if it is original or not by providing detailed reports on plagiarism percentage and word count.

A quick check will reveal which parts are plagiarised and what is the source of the text. It acts as evidence by helping you get a report on your document’s originality. Modern plagiarism checkers incorporate advanced search mechanisms that are fast, efficient, and work in multiple languages.

Note-taking app

A good note-taking app is useful in saving and organizing important information. The app helps to ensure that all your data is secure and kept at your fingertips without having to search through multiple documents for a single piece of information. Create a condensed record of things, save time, and get what you want, when you want. Furthermore, digital note-making allows you to carry your notes everywhere and never run out of pages.

There is a wide array of applications for creating, saving, organizing, and sharing notes. You can experiment with a few of them to find software most suitable for your needs and your device.

To-do list

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There are two ways to come to the end of the day – either just go with the flow of things or live with a list of objectives and things you want to work on for the day. The latter can surely be better for your peace of mind and reduce anxiety.

Create your daily to-do list with everything and every chore that you want to finish by the end of your day, strike them off as the things get down, and you’ll experience a pleasant sense of accomplishment coming out of a productive day.

Expense manager

If you run a business that hinges on regular transactions or if you have to deal with several invoices throughout the week, you need an expense manager app on your device. The ability to submit payments on the go makes you clear invoices immediately.

Mobile expense manager software also helps you to keep track of your monthly expenses and assess your expense report anywhere and anytime. There are simple applications that are handy to use for your personal expenses, and there are advanced software’s for people who have a lot of money outflow.

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