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10 Best Long Distance Relationship Activities when you Meet up

A long-distance relationship is a sword with two blades – such a lovey-dovey but quite frightening experience. Meeting someone online can result in falling in love with a catfish, but you still get a chance to meet the love of your life. Or maybe you had to switch your location for a better job, or you’ve gone to college, and you’ve had to put your love life on sort of standby? What we’ve meant by that is that couples have limited options when it comes to physical contact and mutual activities, in order to keep the romance alive.

One thing we all have to agree on is that this type of relationship is challenging at times. However, planning what you’ll do once you meet up can contribute to your imagination and overall excitement. That way you know thrilling and exciting things are coming your way. Those chills and butterflies you get just by thinking about them being by your side, or of that moment when you’ll finally be reunited.

Today on our menu – a cute little list of things you can do once you and your significant other meet up. Check these ideas we got in store for you!

1. Long walks

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You’re probably thinking: ‘That doesn’t sound exciting nor amusing at all’. Well, let’s say you’re wrong. In order to put your mind at ease, we think it’s probably the best to do some thorough catching up with your darling, and what’s a better way than taking a slow, long walk by the riverside? Hand in hand, watching the sunset, as you’ve passed by the swans enjoying their little sailing quest. Soaking up all the smiles and laughs. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

2. Picnic

After you’ve settled down a bit, planning a picnic in the form of the day in the park or by the beach sounds like a good idea. Going grocery shopping or making your mutual favourite charcuterie board with cheese, crackers, sweet grapes and olives sounds like an engaging activity that both of you will enjoy. A glass of wine and enjoyment of the beach breeze really seals the deal. If it’s too much hassle, you can always go with the classic solution – sodas, sandwiches and a cosy blanket!

3. Board or PS4 games

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Let’s find out who has a truly competitive spirit! If you don’t want to play board games one on one, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invite some of your close, preferably mutual friends to boost the mood and make you feel more connected. If not, family members are always a good option. Find a game that everyone can play and enjoy. Not a huge fan of board games? Snuggle up together on the couch, turn on your PS4 and choose something competitive and fun!

4. Adventure time

As a couple, you’ve probably made a list of things you would like to try out together. Maybe you’d like to hike together, ride bikes, go to an amusement park, surf. You know.. something thrilling to make you leave your love nest – you can’t be a couch potato all the time. Put all the things you have ever wanted to do on that list and make sure you check something from it every time you meet up.

5. A couple of yummy bites in your favourite restaurant

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Now this one is a classic. You must’ve been raving about your favorite food for the past couple of months over those video calls. If they haven’t seen your favorite place by now, or in case you’ve met up in person for the first time, try to organize a good, old date. Dressing up and being all fancy for a night… there’s something special about it. Make a reservation, be there on time and enjoy it – maybe they’ll end up liking it as much as you do.

6. Karaoke

What a way to follow up the previous paragraph, then to suggest going to a pub where there’s karaoke night. Don’t be ashamed if you don’t know how to sing – the only thing that’s important here is to have fun as a couple and share loads of laughs and make everlasting memories. Choose a song you know by heart, let that adrenalin overwhelm you, and hit it! Maybe you’ll discover another rockstar there if they know how to perform.

7. Theater/Movies

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Another one you’ve had on your mind before, for sure. What a better way to get cozy with your boo than movies? Whether you’re at home, watching it on your TV or you actually go to the cinema, you know cuddles are inevitable. That’s what you’ve hoped for all the way. On a real note, sharing your opinion with them after the movie ends, can be amusing: clash of the titans, indeed.

8. Book a trip

Your reunion doesn’t have to happen in your hometown, it can be literally anywhere.  This is one of the best ways to create excitement. Agree on the destination, pack your bags, and go exploring! Not only you’ll heighten your feelings, but you’ll make some awesome memories. And of course, try to take as many pictures as possible!

9. Get crafty

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You can be crafty in any way possible – for example, take a pottery class and make them a vase, or do that together. Grab some watercolors and paint something you’d give them – they could do the same and then, exchange those gifts. Learn how to make things – a bracelet or necklace they could carry around with them, to warm up their heart when you’re not around, as they’ll know you’ve made it with nothing but love.

10. Romantic moments for two – alone

We think there’s no need for some in-depth explanation. The word intimacy can be interpreted in so many ways and it has a different definition for each and any of us. But for long-distance couples, this is really important: you don’t get to kiss them and be close as often, so you want to savor every moment. Create a nice ambiance for that, make it more pleasant for both of you. Compose a playlist, get some lovely scented candles and enjoy their company

If things don’t go as planned, that is fine, but we truly hope you’ll be happy with your loved one, that you’ll get to share countless wonderful moments, and that this manual of ours will help you create a lovely plan once you get to see them!

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