What Is the Best Computer Setup for Day Trading – 2024 Guide

Trading involves buying and selling of shares depending on the rise and fall of share prices in the stock market. Day traders need many skills to be successful and register a good amount of profit. They need to be quick, they need to analyze the market, and they need to predict the behavior of the market as well. In order to perform all these activities, a trader needs a computer that is particularly suited for trading purposes.

Computers that are used for trading have some unique features that make them highly useful for trading. Hence if someone is looking for computers for trading, they need to consider the screen size, the display quality, and the response time of the device before making a purchase.

Some Computers That Are A Great Buy For Day Traders

Todd Gordon F-37GT


This computer setup comes with up to four attachable monitors. Traders usually use a very large screen or multiple monitors in their workstations. Traders need multiple monitors because they need to keep track of multiple variables at the same time. They need to be aware of several statistical charts that help them predict the price of a share in the short term. They also need to be aware of the indices that reflect the market sentiment. And they need to monitor all these variables at the same time because if they are not prompt, they might end up losing a lot of money.

If the screen is more than thirty inches long, then a single big screen can suffice. However, most people prefer having multiple screens to having a single large screen. Multiple screens are preferable because keeping an eye on one big screen constantly can be quite straining for the eye.

The Todd Gordon F37GT has a screen that is twenty-four inches wide, and it comes with a device that can handle current surges. A surge protector is a device that protects the computer from sudden voltage fluctuations. Most countries get electricity at around 110 to 120 volts; however, in some cases, like during a thunderstorm, the voltage might surge suddenly. The sudden spike in voltage can damage all electric equipment. Trading computers are expensive, and if they are damaged, it can cause a significant loss to the trader. Hence, surge current protectors are very important for trading computers.

The F37GT comes with a long warranty period, and it is quite affordable because it has many discounts that are available over and above the market price.

The LC49RG90SSNXZA From Samsung


It is a great buy for trading purposes, and it has one large screen that is forty-nine inches wide and is curved on the edges. Many large single screens come with curved edges. The curved edges ensure that the eyes are not strained even when one needs to keep an eye on a large screen for a long time. However, large screens with curved edges can be expensive. Hence most people go for multiple monitors that can be attached by long cables.

LC49RG90SSNXZA promises a great viewing experience, and it offers a high refresh rate of around 120 Hertz. A high refresh rate means that the screen changes smoothly, and thus it is not harsh to the eye. A day trader spends anywhere between twelve to fourteen hours in front of the screen; hence a smooth viewing experience is crucial for him.

If the screen has a good resolution, it ensures that a trader gets a clear, sharp image of graphs and charts on his screen. The LC49RG90SSNXZA has a quick response time of around four milliseconds.

Response time means how fast a computer reacts to a command. A quick response time is critical from a trader’s point of view. A quick response time ensures that the sale and purchase of shares can happen within seconds. In the share market, prices of shares fall rapidly; also, a lucrative stock gets sold off very quickly; hence it is vital to have a computer that has a low response time.

The LC49RG90SSNXZA is readily available on many eCommerce sites and has good discounts. The product is expensive, but it’s great features make it a worthy buy for day traders.

John Carter F52GT


This trading computer can come with six or even eight monitors. Thus this is a great buy for big traders who handle multiple stocks at the same time. It has long cables to attach all the monitors, the mouse, etc to the main computer. Its best feature is its large memory capacity.

John Carter F52GT has a 32GB memory. Any computer that is used for trading purposes should have at least 16GB of memory. A trading computer needs to use multiple browsers and applications for trade analysis. It also needs a robust virus protection software. Hence, it is better to have a system that offers more memory space.

The F52GT from John Carter has a current surge protector, and thus a user need not worry about sudden spikes in voltage while using the system.

Tom Grisafi F37GT


This computer setup can be connected to six or eight monitors at the same time. It comes with extra long cables that ensure that multiple monitors, as well as the mouse, and speakers, can be easily connected to the main computer. It has a 32GB memory capacity.

A sound trading system needs the latest version of Windows; moreover, it needs to store a lot of data and download many other applications. Hence Tom Grisafi F37GT which has a 32GB memory is a good buy for all day traders as their computer’s memory will not get exhausted even if they use it to store all their trading data.


A trading computer is an essential device for a day trader. The correct computer setup allows a glitch-free, smooth viewing experience. It also ensures that a trader’s eyes are well protected even when he stares at the screen for long hours.

A trading computer setup is a high-performance computer, and they are usually pretty expensive. Hence, it is a good idea to spend a good amount of time reading user reviews and researching the features to purchase a product that is worth the price.


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