Best Bald Anime Characters of all Time

If you are an anime fan, you certainly know and love the diversity of characters, their personality, and appearance. Every anime character is different and unique in its way. Hairstyles are something that is the most distinctly, and you can see various of them, from girls with crazy green hair, to boys with Mohawks hairstyle. In this text, we will pay attention to bald anime characters, and write about the best ones of all the times, but if you are interested in finding more, visit here and enjoy.

You can read about the best bald anime characters of all time by our choice in the text below:

1. Krillin (Dragon Ball)

Even those who are not anime fans know about Dragon Ball, and maybe the famous bald character – Krillin. He and Goku were competing to be Roshi’s apprentice but ended up becoming good friends. Krillin proved to be smarter than Goku many times, but it is the truth that he was a great comic relief. He is one of the most honorable characters, with a big capacity for forgiveness. Sometimes he maybe gets angry very fast, but soon he is calm. Since he never was a part of a family, Goku is something closes to that to him. As a great fighter, when needed, Krillin is also a regular man who only wants to relax.

2. Saitama (One Punch Man)

Saitama may look innocent and harmless at first look, but you should know that first impressions can often be wrong. Since he lost his short black hair because of insane training that was composed of 10km runs, and 100 push-ups, squats, and sit-ups, you can only imagine the strength he has. Without hair, he is a different person, since his sharp eyes, and facial muscles are coming to the fore. He quickly surprises his enemies, after what he put them down with a single powerful punch.

3. Ikkaku Madarame (Bleach)

Since Ikkaku is very weak in his baldness, and he often says that he is shaving his head, it probably isn’t the best idea to tell him that he is bald. He takes that very personally, and the next thing that could happen is him beating you for that. Besides that one thing, he is a very noble and honorable opponent, and he will always fight you in a one-on-one battle. Every fight is fun for him, but be careful, he always wants to win.

4. Alexis Louis Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Alexis has one yellow tuft above his forehead, but despite that, we can call him bald. He is one enormously big man with great shaped muscles, but if you know him better, you will see that he is the one harmless man.
Innocent people and kids adore him, and he sometimes is very entertaining with his mustache. He will do anything to help Edward with his fights, but sometimes that can be more harmful than helpful.

5. Jet Black (Cowboy Bebop)

Jet Black is maybe the best example of a true leader. As the oldest member in Bebop Crew, the others are often looking at him as in the father figure. Since he likes staying young, that is not something that makes him happy. Despite his scary appearance, he is a great guy beneath the surface. He loves his crew, and he counts them as a family. Even Jet always hides his emotions, always acts on his passion, which makes his care for friends to come out. If we are talking about great friends, Jet Black is the winner.

6. Keith Shadis (Attack on Titan)

Hard training is something that you can remember for the whole life, but if you are in the 104th Cadet Corps, and your instructor is Keith Shadis, those training routines are not only hard but insane. He is the man who thinks that he is notably intelligent and above everyone, and his deep voice terrifies the bravest. The big problem is that after a while, he understands that he is not the smartest person in the world and that his ideas are not the best. He decided to give up on his job and give his position to someone better than him.

7. Yasushi Takagi (Nana)

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It is never easy to drop a good job such is being paralegal, and follow your dreams of becoming a music star. That is exactly what Yasu did. His love for music takes him to a popular punk band to be a drummer and gives him a new look. He gets the nickname “Baldy” after shaving his hair when he started as a drummer. He doesn’t speak a lot, but when he decides to speak, it is always worth listening to. He is wearing black sunglasses, and you will not see him without them.

8. Kamaji (Spirited Away)

Kamaji is one of the most incredible anime characters. At first look, he reminds you of a spider, since he has eight arms that help him to do everything in his cabinet, without getting up. He can easily take whatever he needs while sitting on his seat.

He barely leaves his cabinet, and he does pretty much everything in it. His remembrance is marvelous since he knows everything about the herb cabinet in which he is working. He maybe wasn’t a good guy willing to help in the beginning, but he fixed it later.

Since many bald anime characters are quite interesting and worth mentioning, this list is very tiny. Those are only a few of them that we chose to write about, but as a real fan, you know that this list is everything but not complete. It is individual, and everyone has his top ten or twenty, or even more, but we hope that we made a good list of the top eight. Writing about every bald character would be impossible, but if your favorite character is not on our list, don’t be mad, there wasn’t enough space for all of them.

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