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Best 64GB Micro SD Card That You Can Buy In 2024

When buying the micro SD card for any of your devices, one of the most important considerations to keep in mind is the transfer speed of the SD card. The best 64GB micro SD card will offer high speed that will be great for moving large files to and from the map as well as in recording high-quality Ultra videos. So you need a micro SD that has vast storage space so that you don’t run out of space when you want to save relevant pictures and videos. These days most of the devices, including phones, cameras, and laptops, use small-sized micro SD cards that are available with different storage spaces.

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So let’s look at the best 64GB micro SD card that you can buy in 2019:

Samsung Evo Plus MicroSD Card

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It is one of the best microSD cards available in 64GB. This microSD card is best for people who want to do a lot of filming and recording videos. It is the most reliable card if you’re going to write large amounts of data fast. This micro SD card has a reading and writing speed of 95mbps and 90mbps, respectively. This micro SD card is the best buy if you want to record UltraHD 4k videos. But for day to day activities and smartphones, you won’t need such fantastic storage. This SD card is available with different capacities, but the 64GB version works well for high-quality photography and videos. Although a bit pricey, but you can get amazing discounts and offers if you buy these microSD cards from

Sandisk Extreme Plus microSD Card:

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This MicroSD card by SanDisk claims has a reading speed up to 95MB/s and writing speed up to 90MB/s, and when appropriately tested, it came pretty close to those speeds. This fantastic reading and writing speeds make it a high-speed card, which is excellent if you want to read and writer bigger files, and with smaller files, it’s even faster. This microSD card by Sandisk is a unique card for action cams, drones, or burst photography. Although it’s a bit on the pricey side, if you don’t mind spending a bit above for the amazing benefits it offers, you’ll get an excellent microSD card for your needs. And if you want to bulk purchase this amazing

Lexar 1000X microSD card:

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The Lexar microSD card offers great value for money. This microSD card by Lexar isn’t the fastest here, but it has a lot going for it. One of the best features of this Lexar 1000X microSD card is that it’s reading speed is still some of the fastest around, and in addition to it, this SD card is priced cheaper than many of its competitors. Although it falls short with its write speeds, the difference won’t be too noticeable for many people. This microSD card also comes with a microSD to USB 3.0 adapter, which will help you to transfer your files to a PC without spending any additional pennies.

Samsung Evo Select microSD card:

It is another excellent all-rounder MicroSD card. Samsung has a significant number of entrants in the best microSD list, Samsung has always been excellent at producing fast, efficient, and dependable 64GB microSD cards. The Samsung Evo Select is another great all-rounder that can be happily used in a digital camera, drone, phone, or even for a great games console. Although it doesn’t necessarily excel in any one particular task, it is a strong all-round performer that does the job well. Although Samsung Evo Select microSD cards are only available from Amazon and it makes hunting for a bargain a bit more tricky, but it means that you can buy a good 64 GB MicroSD with confidence from a reputable seller.

Sandisk Ultra MicroSD card:

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It is one of the best large capacity microSD cards available in the market. This microSD card by SanDisk is a brilliant microSD card for people who are looking for large capacities. The latest version of this microSD card offers up to 400GB of storage space. But even the 64GB version of this microSD card functions well. The 400GB version of this SD card offers you plenty of room for storing high-resolution images and video files. The writing speed of this SD card is good, but it can’t be called the fastest microSD cards. If you look to shoot in 4K, that might be an issue, but for people who are comfortable with the slightly slower speeds getting this SD card is one of the best options available within this price range.

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