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Benefits and Side Effects of Heparin Drug

Heparin is an anticoagulant that works as a blood thinner. The use of heparin stops the formation of blood clots in the veins of the human body.

Blood clotting is a serious issue that can lead to significant issues. Blood clotting can lead to cancer, and strokes as well. If the issue of blood clotting is not dealt with on time, it can turn into a big tumor. Heparin is a great medicine to deal with such an issue early.

It is available in the form of a solution injected into the vein or under the skin. The doctor prescribes the amount of solution be injected. The patient is also taught to inject it themselves with the right amount of solution.

The risk of blood clots increases when surgery or some medical procedure is performed. That is why heparin is used to prevent the blood clots as an after effect.

It has a particular method to be injected. The amount and the time which doctors decide should be followed strictly. In case someone missed or overdosed heparin, they should immediately see the doctor.

Heparin is strictly used on the doctor’s prescription because not every time it will work unless the doctor has prescribed it. It could have many side effects as well in case it does not suit a particular patient.


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Heparin has some benefits that help in reducing the risk of blood clots. There are many other benefits of heparin, which are discussed below.

Treatment of Blood Clotting Disorders

Heparin is useful in treating those disorders that cause blood clotting. It can treat all those diseases because of which blood clots are formed. It also helps prevent the blood clots caused in different situations such as after surgery, dialysis, or during a blood transfusion.

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Because of this, heparin is used to prevent blood clots in different parts of the body, such as the lungs and legs.

Regulates the Blood Flow

Heparin helps in bringing the blood flow to normal. It removes the possibility of all the blockages and makes the blood flow smoothly.

Diagnosis of disseminated intravascular coagulation

Heparin is a great drug that allows medical professionals to determine extreme blood disease which can cause serious health complications.

Heparin thins the blood and makes it flow seamlessly through the vessels in cases of difficulties doctors are able to diagnose serious diseases such as disseminated intravascular coagulation.
Controls strokes
A stroke generally happens when blood becomes thicker and passing through blood vessels becomes a challenge. In case of discomfort or initial stages of stroke, Heparin is significant in controlling the condition from getting worse.

The immediate blood-thinning mechanism is crucial in making blood pass through the vessels easily preventing complications.

Side Effects

Every medicine is packed with some side effects as well. These side effects can be too severe that the patient has to avoid taking that drug.

Here are some side effects of heparin drugs that could make anyone give up on its usage.


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Heparin can cause bleeding, which is absolutely not a good sign. The internal bleeding is also possible with the doses of heparin. Thus bleeding and bruising too can happen as a side effect of heparin.

Chest and Back Pain

The chest and back pain are also common as a symptom of side effects. This severe pain can extend up to the lower back pain and become worse.

Loss of Appetite

If someone is experiencing extreme loss of appetite, then it may be a side effect of heparin. This loss of appetite can lead to many diseases and health issues.

The loss of appetite can cause further weakness and many other health issues, which could be highly alarming.


Those who are taking heparin and feeling an unusual type of tiredness means that they are facing this side effect. Heparin causes fatigue, sometimes, which is not a good symptom.

Shortness of Breath

The patient is most likely to experience shortness of breath, too, as a heparin’s side effect. The difficulty in breathing and the irregularity in the breathing could be a significant disadvantage of using heparin.

Vomiting is also a side effect of heparin drugs, which could be in the form of blood or anything that a person eats.


Constipation is another common side effect of heparin that should be considered seriously.

These benefits and side effects say a lot about heparin. It is better to learn correctly about medicine and then start using it. Of course, these types of drugs are only prescribed by the doctor so they may, or may not recommend it.
Low platelet level
After prolonged use of Heparin, most patients get a disease termed as heparin-induced thrombocytopenia. Doctors notice an abnormal decrease in the platelet level which can cause significant health issues.

The low platelet level is a concerning issue as it leads to blood clots eventually. The symptoms start after a few weeks after the use of Heparin.

Easy bruising

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One common negative symptom noticed after extensive use of Heparin is easy bruising. A patient can bruise their knee or arm just by brushing past a surface. The tender and sore bruise can cause significant discomfort while performing daily activities.


Heparin manufacturers have formed this excellent drug for anyone who is at risk of getting blood clots. Remember, these blood clots can lead to cancer. These blood clots can turn into cancerous cells if not treated on time.

Heparin is a great medicine if used under medical professional’s supervision as its access can cause various negative side effects. The more controlled and monitored use of Heparin works wonderfully in diminishing signs of cancer.

However, more mindful and conscious use is necessary to avoid any harmful effects. Any patient with external conditions such as liver or kidney issues must ask their doctor prior to Heparin use.

Heparin has some benefits, while side effects too. But if it is appropriately taken with the doctor’s prescription, it will treat the blood clots without causing any other health problem.

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