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5 Business Benefits of Using Staff Uniforms

Introducing staff uniforms to your workforce could have many benefits for your business. Recent surveys have shown that customers feel more at ease when purchasing products or services from companies that have uniformed staff. The studies show that staff appears more professional, approachable and knowledgeable. Below we have outlined some of these benefits.

1 – Presents an immediate attractive business image

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People tend to make an instant judgment, so providing a professional uniform to your employees can help to establish a smart business image to entice and retain customers.

Staff uniforms also create a consistent appearance, allowing customers to feel at ease and staff to feel equal and valued.

2 – Promotes and reinforces a brand

Some brands such as ShirtWorks, like to invest a lot of time and effort into their uniforms, opting for quality over cost, allowing them to use a staff uniform as a very useful advertising tool.

Ensuring that logos and company names are clear and visible can help to reinforce a brand, so much so that a customer can recognize a staff member immediately.

This is a form of free advertising that can be very cost-effective whilst creating a unified look that customers can depend on no matter which particular store or venue they visit.

3 – Promotes company pride and productivity

Uniforms are a great way to help to improve staff pride and in turn productivity. Happy staff will mean happy customers.

When providing uniforms you are instilling trust, a sense of pride and responsibility in your team. A staff member who is able to feel this way about their employer and place of work will do their best for the business and become a great ambassador for your brand.

As well as instilling this sense of pride, a uniform also has the ability to unite and bring a team together. They will be able to feel like a valued member of a team working towards a collective goal.

4 – Improves safety and security

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Whilst uniforms can be smart and professional, there are some industries where the correct uniform could be vital to health and safety. Certain jobs require uniforms to comply with safety regulations to protect staff from injury or harmful materials or chemicals.

Uniforms can also provide a security aspect to a business, with customers and staff alike being able to spot a staff member easily and quickly in case of emergency. It can also be used to help to identify who does or does not belong in specific work areas, ensuring a secure work environment for all.

5 – Can reduce staff concerns and improve morale

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Recent studies have found that some employees who are not required to wear a uniform can feel under pressure to dress to impress on a day to day basis. In a more relaxed working environment, some staff members can feel stressed to ensure that their clothing is representing the brand whilst showcasing a professional look and appearance. This can be costly for an individual team member and can create competition and resentment in the work-place.

Moral can be greatly increased by providing a uniform, even partial uniforms such as a polo shirt or jacket. This can take away some of the worries of staff thinking ‘what am I going to wear today?’

Looking at the benefits we have discussed above, choosing a staff uniform for your business can help in many ways. From improving staff morale and pride to reinforce your brand through free advertising.

Obviously some industries require compulsory uniforms for health, safety and security, however, all brands could benefit from a company uniform in some way, whether that be a full uniform or a small item such as a hat or apron. They can protect workers, improve customer relationships and promote an overall professional look.

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