The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try aromatherapy but aren’t sure whether it is right for you. Maybe you’re hesitating because you don’t understand the benefits of aromatherapy or how to use it. The following aromatherapy facts may be enough to help you put your reluctance aside and try a new technique that can bring you great enjoyment.

Many Options

First, you should be aware that aromatherapy offers many options. You can, for instance, try essential oils like Young Living Essential Oils. These can be inhaled directly from the bottle, dabbed onto your skin or diffused into the air. They smell great and offer refreshment for you and for your whole household, depending on how you use them.

Aromatherapy is also accessible through body lotions and hand creams. These have the added benefit of moisturizing your skin as you breathe in their scents. You can purchase spritzers, too, as well as bathing salts and body oil. There are even facial masks and compresses that give you access to soothing and energizing aromas. You can use any of these alone or together for maximum effect.

Amazing Scents


You may be wondering, though, what kinds of scents are available in these aromatherapy products. There is a multitude of these, all with varying effects. You might, for instance, try peppermint, which helps wake you up and gives you energy, or lavender, which is designed to calm you and help you sleep. Rosemary may assist you in thinking more clearly, and cinnamon can sharpen your focus.

Citrus scents like lemon and orange are mood boosters that fight against anxiety. Jasmine can improve your mood, too, as can sandalwood. Eucalyptus may help with headaches and sinus troubles for some people.

You should do some research on the various fragrances and then choose a couple that best meets your needs. Start slowly, and only use one or two scents at a time until you get used to aromatherapy. You can always expand your collection over time.

An Array of Advantages

Along with many options and amazing scents, aromatherapy offers a wide array of advantages. Please note that many claims about the advantages of aromatherapy have not been scientifically proven, but many people have experienced significant benefits from the technique. Some focus on how relaxing aromatherapy can be. Others appreciate the boost in energy.

Aromatherapy may help decrease stress, depression, and anxiety. It can help relieve headaches, muscle aches, and joint pain. It may even boost your immunity and assist you in fighting viruses. Some people have experienced better digestion and improved sleep.

You will have to determine your goals for aromatherapy so that you can choose the right scents and methods. Again, do your research so that you know which scents apply to your particular situation.

Surprisingly Easy


Another major benefit of aromatherapy is that it is surprisingly easy to use. You don’t need any special training. In fact, aromatherapy for you may be as simple as spreading a smooth cream on your hands and face and breathing in the fresh scent. Other users choose essential oils. These can be easily spread in the air through a diffuser, or you can just open the bottle and breathe in the scent.

If you prefer a warm bath, simply add bathing salts in the fragrance of your choice. You can use a facial steamer to help open your sinuses and moisturize your skin, too, or choose a warm or cool compress infused with fragrance to ease muscle or joint pain. There are even candles available.

There’s no reason why you can’t use several of these methods according to your needs. Be careful not to mix fragrances too much. The result could actually be unpleasant. Also, follow any instructions that come with an essential oil or other product so that you don’t end up overwhelmed by your chosen scent.

Available Help

Finally, if you’re considering using aromatherapy but aren’t quite sure if it’s right for you, help is available. Look for a certified or registered aromatherapist who can guide you in your use of aromatherapy. That person can suggest the right fragrances and methods for your situation. Also, if you have any health concerns or questions about interactions between aromatherapy and your current medications or treatments, talk to your doctor just to be on the safe side.

Aromatherapy may provide you with many benefits, so give it a try.

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