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Bedroom Paint Color Ideas for 2024

When it comes to renovating, the first thing that you can do is add a little color in your life and space you are living in. It might be easiest to change the colors, before going into bigger renovating changes. Since color trends do change often and every single one of us has a specific color it would like to see in their apartment, it is always good to marry these two and pick a color that can live up space, is trendy and pleasant for the eyes. With so many colors available, it can be hard to pick the right one, so sit back and check the trendy ones.

1. Steel gray

Steel gray is a color that can add a sophisticated look in the room. It is on the cold side of the spectrum and it can work out nicely in all rooms of your home. When in the bedroom it adds up to the calm mood of the room, and if in the living room it brings out the coolness of the space itself. You can do one wall, or all of them in this color since it will not close up space and will add a kick into it. It is good to be combined with almost all colors from the spectrum, especially with bright yellow, since it can calm the yellow down.

2. Lilac

Purple is known to be a very royal color, and its pastel partner, lilac can be such a beautiful addition to space, by making it more open and calm. Most people choose this color for the bedroom and pair it up with steel gray and white details. Walls in this color will give some kind of springy sensation and almost make you smell the lilacs.

3. Powder pink

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Powder or baby pink is a beautiful pastel color that can be pulled off in all parts of the home. From cozy living rooms, over the spring-themed kitchen to puffy bedrooms, this shade if pink will give a girly feeling to every apartment. This is probably the reason why many bachelorette apartments are in this color. It pairs very nicely with wooden floors and steel gray furniture.

4. Many shades of Blue

Classic blue is the color that was chosen by Pantone as a color of the year, and there is a reason for that. Many people rarely pick classic or navy blue as a color for the apartment and stick to the pastel blue in the bedroom. Painting at least one wall in this color can change the space so much. Do not be afraid to incorporate this color in your space, since it can give a very sophisticated feeling to the room. I can be paired nicely with all warm pastel colors, such as powder pink and peach, but as well as with silver and gold. Just let your imagination lead you.  You can find more room color ideas on the

5. Sunny Yellow

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If you want to bring a little bit of sunlight into your home, why not add some sunny yellow walls and accessories. Yellow can bring a lot of life and light into the room, so it is perfect for rooms that are deprived of natural sunlight. Combined with white and grey, it can give an incredible sunny sensation to your home.

6. Natural pastels

You cannot go wrong by choosing any color from the natural pastel palette. Natural, earth tones will bring this feeling of serenity and connection with nature. By paring the walls in the color of beige, terracotta or rusty brown, space will take a whole new dimension, especially if the furniture is made from natural materials.

7. Sage green

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While on the nature side, sage green is the color you cannot go wrong if picking it. It adds such a good, earthy vibe to space, and when combined with natural pastels and furniture made from natural materials it gives the feeling of connection with nature. It can be incorporated in any part of the house, but it is most popular in the bedroom and living room. In addition to the beauty of the color, it is quite good at being combined with other colors, as mentioned. By adding gold details, will bring the vividness of the color to the next level.

8. Pure white

Pure and clean white can give the open up the room and give a sensation of wide space. It can be incorporated in any room, and since it is neutral, it combines quite nicely with all colors from the spectrum. By combining it with deep, dark colors can accentuate both colors and gives the space a very monochromatic and modern sensation.

9. Blush orange

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Pastel orange is a very warm color that can bring a feeling of spring into the home. Sunset orange can bring a bit of sunshine into the house, and live up space. It is easily combined with other colors from the spectrum, especially with deep greens and dark greys. It is a color that is often picked for bedroom or bathroom; it is underestimated in that sense since it can bring a lot of light to the living room if used there.

10. All kind of brights

Very bright and bold colors are not only for the brave. Red, pink and orange can be such an interesting pop of color in the apartment. They are very dynamic, and often picked for the living and dining room. By combining them with Boho style of decoration they will bring the 70s back to the home. The kitchen will have this playful sensation if chosen to paint it in one of the mentioned.


With so many colors in the market, it can be very hard to pick just one. Hopefully, you now have an idea for your own home. Pastels and whites are always a safe choice and will complement the space very nicely. Do not be afraid to pick bold colors such as bright reds or pinks, blues or greens, and give them a try. You can always repaint if you are not fond of it.

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