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Become a Better Writer by Traveling

When you are a writer, your best work happens when you have the proper motivation. Sometimes writing can be tiring even to those who love writing. When this happens, it is not easy to come up with good writing. The lack of motivation and ideas when it comes to writing is usually called writer’s block. But sometimes, it is not just the writer’s block that is a hindrance to good writing. Sometimes familiarity brings on the same ideas, and as a writer, you lack fresh ideas that can help you write better. According to writing experts, traveling is a great way to get inspired. Being away from your normal environment helps you write, explore, and see better. Sometimes the motivation we lack is because of the normal we get used to, the responsibilities that we need to attend to. It can also lead to some challenges.

Traveling is fun, but it requires money, energy, and also time. Examples include long flights, bugs, different climates, new food, different languages, and delayed flights. These factors push you to the limit. But this should not scare you away from the good things that you can achieve when you travel.
Some benefits that traveling has included;

1. Your commitment to writing gets renewed

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When you start traveling, you begin writing, and you begin writing well. When you have traveled, you do not have excuses. The time away gives you time to organize yourself, gives you motivation, and stops worrying. If you give yourself a target when you are away. You push yourself to finish the work. You do not worry about perfection; your biggest worry is to write what’s needed to get written.

Suppose you happen to be in a writer’s retreat. You have targets and goals to meet during that time if you put aside three months to go for the retreat. While at the retreat, the only thing that is in your mind is finishing writing. Time will be running by so fast, and you will get motivated to finish your writing before time runs out. When we do not have targets that challenge us, we usually are lax in our commitments. But on a retreat that you are time-bound, you will get the motivation to get the work done. By the time you are finishing the retreat, you can comfortably hand in your work since you used the time there well.

2. Creativity gets bred in discomfort

When you are in a new place, you challenge your normal. You put yourself in a place that is outside of your comfort zone. There is a lot of suspense and mystery. You do not have an idea about what will happen next and also where you are going. The whole experience of traveling is more like writing. Writing can be painful, especially if you are writing about yourself, just like traveling. When writing about the self, sometimes you have to deal with some scary parts of your life. When you try writing, your head tells you no. It reminds you that no one wants to read what you have to say. When this discomfort happens, it is easy to run away when in a familiar setting. When you are away from your normal, it is not easy to run away from this. You cannot escape; you have to sit and deal with it.

3. Create for yourself new writing patterns

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When you are away, your normal routines and habits get destabilized. It is not easy to continue with your routines while away. Your daily habits are usually etched in our lives. It is not easy to realize, but you will notice that you go through the same tides and motions all the time. Temptations, obligations, aggravations. With all these motions, we often forget about writing.

When making a writing retreat, your normal motions get disrupted. Each day has its schedule. You can have different activities in between, but you always come back to writing. If you are in the writing retreat with other people, you can approach even your fellow writers to help you feel stuck. If you keep this new habit for a while, you will find that you can find a way to add it to your habits back at home.

4. Traveling is writing magic

When you travel, you get to see the world differently? Like many writers and travelers, they have something in common. They see through a different lens. While traveling and immersed in a different t culture or country, you will find out that the things you get used to at home are arbitrary. When you travel, you unplug from the normal that you get used to, and you see the world in a way that only you can see it. You can come up with amazing things to write when the new experiences open your mind that you get to see in a different place.

5. You find a community

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As a writer, you need a community around you. This community helps share your vision; they help read your work and challenge you when you are writing. This community of writers is unlike the people you are used to at home. When you travel, especially in a writer’s retreat, you form a community of people of the same mind. You also get people you can write together with, explore the world together, eat together, and cheer one another as you are writing your books.

Dissertation writing can be such a fulfilling task, but also it can be a hard task. You do not need to write alone. Get yourself a community of other writers who can help you achieve that.


As a writer, you do not have to be stuck by being just an average writer. You can travel alone or join a group of writers, to get some new motivation. Get those creative juices running again. Your community of writers will challenge you to be better, and the new experiences will give you new insights and different views that will change your writing for the better.
Don’t let the fears of travel stop you from stepping out from that travel. You can gain more than you think.

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