5 Basic Guns And Weapons For Hunting

Others often see hunting as a horrible sport because of its primary objective: hunting specific kinds of animals. Although several critics oppose the legality of this sport, many are still giving their full support and appreciation to hunting. These are the people that understood the whole concept of hunting and its benefits. Hunting is a traditional activity that our ancestors and native tribes did back in their time, which provided them with food and clothing.

Having this information in mind, it is already given that this outdoor activity will never fade. Experienced hunters also shared their sentiments regarding hunting. According to them, hunting allows them to be one with nature and to feel closer to their ancestry through doing traditional methods. Some hunters also do this outdoor activity because of how it benefits their lives. This became the reason why many people are putting this sport on their bucket list.

But just a friendly tip, if you ever want to try hunting, make sure to be knowledgeable first before trying the said extreme sport. You should know the different rules and regulations of hunting or the proper gear and equipment you should use. To help you put a check on that bucket list, you must first know the different guns and weapons used in hunting.

Various online shops sell different kinds of guns and weapon accessories that are suitable for hunting. Websites, such as, also provide articles about the essential tips and tricks you need to know about hunting.

You can visit the website to equip yourself with the information you need about the different guns and weapons you need to hunt. You can do that, or you can refer to this article, for we will give you a list of the basic guns and weapons you need to know for hunting.

1. Sig Sauer M400 Tread


First on the list is the Sig Sauer M400 Tread is famous all over the world and was given the name America’s Rifle. The reason for this is because the Sig Sauer M400 Tread is very durable, and it comes with a threaded muzzle. Many hunters across America bought this type of rifle which is why it was called America’s Rifle.

2. Marlin 336 Dark


As a hunter and an enthusiast, the Marlin 336 Dark rifle may come as a shock to you as to why I included it on the list. This rifle is often neglected, disregarded, and unappreciated because they misunderstood the trio of lever guns. They failed to look at the possibility that the Marlin 336 Dark may be a rendition of the classic American rifle. This is because the weapon is equipped with the XS Lever Rail and an integral ghost ring sight, improving the rifle’s accuracy to give the shooter a more precise shot. But wait, there is more to this rifle that you failed to recognize. The muzzle of the Marlin 336 Dark is threaded, which allows you to go dark and perform well. You can also attach a variety of traditional optics that you want, which gives the rifle much more versatility.

3. Steyr Scout Rifle


Following the Marlin is the Steyr Scout Rifle, which has less than a meter length than other rifles. It also has an integral fold-away bipod and allows for storing an extra magazine in its buttstock. But even if it has all of these features, it is still surprisingly very light, which is why most beginners want to use this type of rifle. The rifle is also versatile because of its full-length top-rail features compatible with almost any optics available.

4. Mossberg 500 Field/Security


Now that we have listed a variety of rifles, it is time to give the spotlight to the most versatile shotgun perfectly suited for hunting. With the appropriate ammunition, the Mossberg 500 Field/Security combo could take down almost any animal you know. Not only can you swap ammunition with this shotgun, but you can also change the barrels too. You can use this shotgun for small game hunting, such as birds and squirrel hunting. Use a 28-inch barrel instead that allows interchangeable chokes, and you can hit even the fastest squirrel you see. This shotgun also has a pistol grip that increases your aim and produces more accurate shots. The only downside of the Mossberg 500 is that you need to pay an additional $200-$300 to achieve a fully rifled slug barrel together with the cantilever optic mount. The barrel will increase the distance of your shot to 100 yards.

5. Marlin 1894 CST 357


When you are in the forest, you need to do everything to increase your chances of survival. This includes having a reliable and trusted rifle to protect you from any dangerous animal you encounter. The Marlin 1894 CST 357 is considered one of the many rifles that can increase your chances of survival when hunting in a dangerous landscape. This quick-handling lever gun is chambered for the 38 Special/.357 Magnum is versatile and powerful enough to protect you against deadly animals. It had the ability of your handgun and rifle to share ammunition, which could be helpful in certain extreme situations.

This hunting rifle has an 8-shot magazine, a 16.5-inch barrel with a threaded muzzle, the XS ghost ring optics, and a big-loop lever. Its durability is also off the chart that it is strong enough to withstand rugged weather conditions because of the stainless steel and painted hardwood stock. So if you prefer to hunt in urban areas and on the eastern or southern mountains of the United States, you can consider using this type of hunting rifle.

That’s about it! This is my list of the basic guns and weapons you can use for hunting. Take note that this list of rifles is merely just suggestions. You are still free to choose the weapon of your choice. If you want to search for more guns, you can visit various websites that provide various hunting rifles, gears, and equipment. Just make sure that you have enough knowledge of a rifle’s essential parts before indulging yourself in the different types of hunting rifles.

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