What is a Fast Background Check Online?

Over the past several decades, employees have been conducting background checks. Most people are familiar with these checks, as they are a part of the hiring process. However, an employment background check is not the only kind. There are also personal background checks that you can perform on certain people. Moreover, you can perform the check online, and get access to data quickly and easily. So, what is a fast background check online and who provides this service? Here are the answers.

What is a background check?

To set things straight, it is important to know the two main types of background checks:

Employment background check


A check that employees perform in order to discover if the information provided by job applicants is valid. There are many cases where potential employees provide false information about themselves, such as their education and work experience. To employ the most suitable candidates for each position, employers perform a background check.

During the hiring process, applicants will fill out a consent form that gives employers to run a check on them. The form requires candidates to provide identifying information about themselves, such as their full name and social security number. Once applicants have given consent to run a check on them, the employer will send the forms and data to a third-party company that is authorized to perform background checks. The company will then perform a check about the applicants’ employment history, education, criminal records, and more.

The findings are sent to the employer who can discover which applicants are most suitable for a position. The purpose of the check is to discover if applicants may pose a risk in the workplace and if they were dishonest in their job applications.

It is legal to dismiss candidates based on discrepancies in their background checks. However, it is against the law to disqualify candidates based on sex, race, genetics, etc. Also, an employer can disqualify applicants who have a criminal record, only if applicants committed crimes that relate to the open position. For instance, if an applicant was convicted of embezzlement, he/she can be disqualified from positions that require handling money.

Personal background check


A personal background check is a check that any individual can perform; it is a public record check that provides official data about people, such as:

  • Birth records
  • Marriage records
  • Divorce records
  • Criminal records
  • Sex criminal records
  • Contact information (phone number, address, email address, etc.)

Also, a personal background check can provide data about social media accounts. Employers cannot use personal background check sources as an employment background check. It is intended for personal use.

What is a fast background check?


There are several websites that provide a background check service, and we will be discussing GoLookUp in a little while. All these websites provide a fast service thanks to the fact that they scan public records quickly. However, not all background websites have full access to public records. Many websites provide basic data, such as contact info, and not much more.

You can also perform an offline check with the authorities that maintain public records. Every state in the country has several public record sources, such as municipalities, local courts, court clerks, and others. To get access to public records with such authorities, you need to contact them in one of the available methods (via U.S. post, fax, email, or in person0.

Along with your request, you must pay a search fee and a fee for copies of public records (fees vary between states and local authorities). In some cases, you will receive copies of public records within a few days. In other cases, you will have to wait several weeks for the search results.

If you need quick access to public records, an online background check is a way to go. To get accurate results, you need to use a service that provides access to public records within minutes.

Fast background check online


The Freedom of Information Act in the United States provides residents with the right to search both government records and personal records. With the ladder, the purpose is to guarantee access to valuable information.

To find birth records, social media records, arrest records, and other data, you need basic data about the person in question, such as the full name and the state of residence of the person in question. Once the search is complete, you will receive a complete and downloadable public records report about the said person.

If you need to perform several queries, make sure you use a service that provides unlimited searches. Additional helpful services provide access to public records through a reverse phone number search, an email search, and an address search. If you have up-to-date details or past details about individuals, you can perform a comprehensive background query.

The services offered are available 24/7, and they provide valuable data when necessary. If you want to find old friends, get in touch with long-lost relatives, run a check on a new neighbor, discover if online dating profiles are real, or perform numerous other checks – this is the website for you.

The website scans billions of public records in search of data for each request. The report is ready in several moments, and users can run unlimited checks with their membership.

Reliable information is hard to come by, especially in an age where people more than embellish the truth. To find true and accurate data about people, you need to go to official sources. That provides you with a fast background check online to provide such access, and you can perform numerous searches whenever you desire.

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